Thursday, October 30, 2014

Too Much Glue!

Came across this book at the Elmer's Glue booth at the NAEA conference in San Diego this past March.
How cool would it be to read this book to my students to encourage them to use LESS glue. That is just NOT how the book goes........ Matty, the little boy in the book loves making things with glue. In the book he pours all the glue from several bottles onto the table and jumps in, covering himself with glue. This all while the art teacher is hyperventilating in the corner. It just gets worst as his friends try to help him.
Well, I was reading this to my students one day when all of a sudden I got an epiphany! I could be Matty for Halloween!!!!

After a trip to Lowes and I had the perfect Tyvek suit in which to build my costume. Courtesy of Pacon I had the perfect yarn.

Now to pull it all together. First I tacked on the yarn to give a lasso effect. Then I curled the ends of the yarn with a watered down glue.

Then I added Smart Fab squares in different colors along with Legos and googly eyes.

Check it out!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween! And DON'T use too much glue!
What was the inspiration for your costume this year?
Thanks for reading.

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