Sunday, November 2, 2014

Red Ribbon Week

Last week was Red Ribbon Week. For those of you that aren't doing time, I mean spending time with school age children- it is the week in which we communicate being drug free. Each day we have different themes that we encourage participation in.
Monday was Give Drugs the Boot and I wore my favorite boots.
Tuesday was Future Career Day, teachers wore their school colors and students dressed for their future career. I couldn't help it, I added a  beret, after all I grew up to be an art teacher!
Wednesday was Be a Super Hero. This is one cool Batman shirt that I found at Kohls.
Thursday wear red for Red Ribbon Week. This was a shirt admin gave out a few years ago. A heads up from my AP was that she would be wearing hers-so why not wear mine?

AND on Friday was our Storybook Character Parade. My character was from the book Too Much Glue. Click here for how I put this costume together. Oh and BTW I WON most creative costume!
Years ago the guidance counselor asked me to help out by having students in kindergarten, first and second grade make posters as they learn about the danger of doing drugs. If you check out the standards or benchmarks it actually aligns on many different levels. It also covers most of the Big Ideas as it involves critical thinking, organizational structure, innovation, skills techniques and processes.
AND we have a Poster Contest! Unfortunately, I am out of town right now with a family emergency and won't know who won until I return. But here are some of my favorites.
Above is second grade, below is first grade.

And kindergarten
I talk with students about the purpose of a poster. I show them both good and bad examples. We talk about different slogans to use and to make the letters big enough to see across the room. The importance of correct spelling and to not clutter it up.

Other occasions for making posters would be to promote the music concert, art show, student government elections, food drive......
What events do your students make posters to promote?

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