Sunday, March 29, 2015

Carousel of Bloggers

Elementary Carousel of Learning: Teacher Art Blogs- WOW! It was a blast!
From left to right is Laura Lohmann of Painted Paper, Phyllis Brown Levine of There's a Dragon in my Art Room, Cassie Stephens of What the Art Teacher Wore, Jen Dahl of Jen Dahl's Art Room and me, Sheryl Depp.

 The room was set up with tables, with a different blogger at each table. The way it worked was similar to speed dating. You would enter the room, choose a table to sit at, listen to a short presentation and then move on to the next table.

By the end of the session you had the opportunity to meet and learn something different from each of us. Since I was so busy talking, I didn't get to listen and learn from all the other bloggers in the room.

But I believe Phyllis spoke about navigating around the tabs of your blog. Cassie spoke about finding your passion and then writing about it. Jen got into the technology of setting it up and I went into my thought process on how I got started.

The event was overwhelmingly  successful and was attended by other established bloggers. I got to meet Nic Hahn from Mini Matisse. She has me linked on her blog AND as soon as I figure that out, I will be making a list of bloggers for you all to check out!
This wonderful event was coordinated and hosted by Nancy Walkup editor of School Arts Magazine.

AND later that same day...............

The Art of Education had a Blogger Meet Up! AMAZING!!

I am feeling incredibly inspired by all the wonderful people I met during the 2015 NAEA conference.

 Last November, my blog was inspired by a video from The Art of Ed summer conference on Selfies.

What person has inspired you?

Now I'm gonna get some rest, so that I can get back into the real world and return to work tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Primarily Art!

I am very excited today!! Why? Because I figured out how to make all these awesome changes to my blog. AND the blog now matches my brand new business cards!!
AND I got this REALLY COOL shirt to wear to the NAEA conference this week, which also MATCHES my business card!!!

The first NAEA conference I EVER attended was in Seattle in 2011. It was during my spring break so I didn't need to ask for time off.
I had such an enriching experience, not to mention all the freebies I got to take home....... That I went to my state conference that same year.
Then, I decided I needed to give back and I presented at both the state and national level. At this point, I was given the time off by my principal.

And meeting other people? Just makes the experience that much better!  This week on Friday, I will be wearing my new shirt when I present as part of the Elementary Carousel of Learning: Teacher Art Blogs. My segment will be about getting started, since I'm new at this. It's from 11 to 11:50 at the Convention Center/Meeting Room 216/Second level. I really hope to see you there.........

AND if you happen to see someone else in the same shirt, it is because my bff is meeting me there. We have been friends since kindergarten! She lives in San Diego and we had such a great time last year......... it may become our annual vacation! Oh YEAH!

Oh, and if this happens to be your first time attending-bring an extra suitcase! Also, get on the NAEA website and start making your plans. 

Hope to meet you there! And if you can't make it, there will be another one next year and the year after that............

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Manadalas and Other Special Requests

One of the classroom teachers asked me if I would do an art lesson with all of the 4th graders that included math. She requested that the lesson involve geometry-using shapes and symmetry. This was the same week that an awesome video was posted on the art teacher Facebook page titled: How to Grow a Mandala. See where I'm going with this? AND since it was right before vacation and I wanted something quick and easy - why not? I also managed to find a wonderful SlideShare, courtesy of Nancy Walkup about radial symmetry. First, I showed the slides and then I showed the video.

Check it out!

Loved this lesson so much that I did it with 3rd grade! And then 5th grade!
5th graders worked so fast that I put out colored pencils for them to use.

It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the week before spring break.

I have mentioned that I am involved with community theater and sometimes I fabricate props. I thought it would be interesting to share some of my activities outside the art room.

First, my pot belly stove. I actually found directions to do this online. The stove started life as 2 large flower pots. I added a small step stool, 2 plant trays, plastic pipes and a little fun foam to to simulate heat. Then it was all assembled and painted by my husband with flat black paint that you would use on a BBQ.

The production I am currently involved in required bananas, LOTS OF BANANAS.......
I bought a banana, opened it up, traced the peel to make a template. Then I traced and cut out dozens of fake bananas from yellow fun foam. Next, I laid them out on the garage floor and wheeled myself back and forth painting and splattering them. 
Yes, gotta LOVE a chair with wheels!

And let's not forget the plaque on the door made from tooling foil-
In addition to making props, I have directed, been the stage manager, made costumes, painted scenery, and have acted several roles on stage. (Even received 2 awards for my acting!) 
BUT, the best part ARE the friends I've made along the way!

Thanks for reading! I would love to know how you use your creative side outside your art room!

Also, for anyone attending the NAEA conference in NOLA I will be part of a carousel of art teachers talking about blogging. My mini presentation will be about getting started. It's on Friday, March 27th at 11am.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Putting on a Show

It's important to display student art. But more important is that people (especially parents) get to see the artwork. Art is an important part of a child's education, it's my responsibility to make sure I put it out there! Putting it out there isn't enough, I want people to see it! So...........

Families attend music concerts. We have three a year. Second and third graders had their concert in December. Kindergarten and first just had their concert last week. And fourth and fifth will have theirs in May. Adding an art show to the music concert is a perfect way to get it out there!

It is a lot of work to put together a display, but I have a system!  First, I look through all the art. (This is just the first grade art, there was another 5 bins for kindergarten.)
Then, I get some bulletin board paper.
Next, I lay the paper out and cut into 12" strips for hanging the art. Luckily, I had a template so it went faster.

I lay out the cut strips and then the art work.

Now it gets stapled down......... I have one of those long staplers, which works great!

Check out the WHEELS on my chair! Because NOW the fun begins as I wheel myself around the tables to staple down the work! Fast and easy!

I put all the art on a cart to bring to the display area and it is up in no time!
The work for each class stays together and is all placed on the same color bulletin board paper. I place the classroom teacher's name at the top of the first strip for that class. Below is first grade. At the top of the blog is kindergarten.
I am not always available to attend these evening events because of my involvement with community theater. But, I heard it went well and was enjoyed by all!

If you are curious as to why it says Raiders Write above my student artwork-it is because I took over that area when we were moved into this building. The elementary school is currently being renovated and will be ready for the new school year. 

I look forward to continuing to combine the art show with the music concert! AND I know there will be at least one concert/art show I plan to attend as my youngest grandson will be starting kindergarten and attending my school!

 Thanks for reading!!

Coming to NAEA New Orleans? Don't miss the carousel on art teacher blogs on Friday, 3/27/2015, 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM    Convention Center/Meeting Room 216/Second Level

Elementary Carousel of Learning: Teacher Art Blogs
Talented elementary art educators from across the country will share their successful art blogs for their art rooms. Come learn how they bring positive attention and acclaim to their art programs and schools through their blogs. Learn what having an art blog will do for your art program and hear suggestions on how to get started.
Cassie Stephens, Phyllis Levine Brown, Sheryl Depp, Jen Dahl, Laura Dean

I'm really excited to be joining these wonderful bloggers! Hope to meet you there!