Sunday, March 15, 2015

Putting on a Show

It's important to display student art. But more important is that people (especially parents) get to see the artwork. Art is an important part of a child's education, it's my responsibility to make sure I put it out there! Putting it out there isn't enough, I want people to see it! So...........

Families attend music concerts. We have three a year. Second and third graders had their concert in December. Kindergarten and first just had their concert last week. And fourth and fifth will have theirs in May. Adding an art show to the music concert is a perfect way to get it out there!

It is a lot of work to put together a display, but I have a system!  First, I look through all the art. (This is just the first grade art, there was another 5 bins for kindergarten.)
Then, I get some bulletin board paper.
Next, I lay the paper out and cut into 12" strips for hanging the art. Luckily, I had a template so it went faster.

I lay out the cut strips and then the art work.

Now it gets stapled down......... I have one of those long staplers, which works great!

Check out the WHEELS on my chair! Because NOW the fun begins as I wheel myself around the tables to staple down the work! Fast and easy!

I put all the art on a cart to bring to the display area and it is up in no time!
The work for each class stays together and is all placed on the same color bulletin board paper. I place the classroom teacher's name at the top of the first strip for that class. Below is first grade. At the top of the blog is kindergarten.
I am not always available to attend these evening events because of my involvement with community theater. But, I heard it went well and was enjoyed by all!

If you are curious as to why it says Raiders Write above my student artwork-it is because I took over that area when we were moved into this building. The elementary school is currently being renovated and will be ready for the new school year. 

I look forward to continuing to combine the art show with the music concert! AND I know there will be at least one concert/art show I plan to attend as my youngest grandson will be starting kindergarten and attending my school!

 Thanks for reading!!

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