Sunday, October 8, 2017

One and Done

I know this may be hard to believe, but on occasion I really, seriously think the recycles that I collect take over the art room........

Sooooo when that happens I decide to fill the 2 back tables with lots and lots of cool stuff to make art with. I accumulated the trays in the above photo, leftover from the inside of laptop boxes. I do a Story in a Box lesson with the boxes, click here for details.

I did this with my second graders. By the end of the week the students who came in couldn't wait to start. After all, they saw their friends leaving art with the finished trays.

I did a really simple quick intro to the lesson. I told them it was a One and Done. Which means you have ONLY that art class to work on it. I asked them, what they thought they could make with the trays? I suggested designing a playground. But anything would be fine.

I cautioned about using too much glue....... I tried, that counts? Right?

Anyway, I really loved hearing all about what they made AND seeing just how engaged they were in the lesson. I may have even mentioned that they were making assemblages. 'Cause you gotta keep up the vocabulary!

Now the exception to the One and Done was my grandson, since I'm his ride and he has extra time at school to do art. I love how involved his turned out.
There's a basketball court and a pool and a whole bunch of fun outdoor things to do on his tray. My daughter will be thrilled.......

I am gearing up for the Florida Art Educators conference in St. Pete on Oct. 19-22. I will be presenting a free session on grant writing titled Grant-tastic. And a paid workshop on using stories to start your art lessons. (This one is filled up).

I am also running for Elementary Division Director, voting is until Friday, October 20 at 3pm. Both myself and the other candidate are good choices for the position.

The theme for the gala at conference is "What is your Super Power?" This will actually be the first time for me to attend the gala........ and let's just say I'm making my outfit using recycles!

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sharing the Wealth

I consider myself to be the self proclaimed "Queen of Recycle." I make this declaration because I do a lot of projects with my students that involve recycles. We are a Title One school so my budget is not great, besides I find it fun to make art from recycles!

During Meet the Teacher Night a little kindergarten student visited with her grandfather. Her grandfather walked around the room noticing all the stuff on shelves.
I told the grandfather I was big on using recycles in my program. Well...... he said he has some stuff for me! And boy did he!
 I came in Monday morning to over a dozen boxes of plastic goodies in my art room!

Above is one sample from each box that I decided that I would share with the other art teachers district wide.
The Fine Arts Supervisor sent out an email. 10 teachers responded. It took me 3 days to sort and pack up the stuff for the warehouse to pickup and deliver to the other schools.  I sent out 12 boxes on Wednesday.
What I find funny is, I had started to share out many of my recycles at the beginning of the school year and had already sent out 11 boxes to other teachers. As the Queen of Recycle, my kingdom is a hoarder's, I mean art teacher's dream. 

So, I didn't share everything because I came up with a great way to use some of the containers I got.

Check it out! Do some colorful patterns on these containers, add some uncooked rice or beans and make maracas!
Or Native American rattles.

I got 2 boxes of containers and another box with lids. I also have leather scraps from my daughter's mother-in-law who got them from a neighbor who does upholstery.
I used Faber-Castell gel sticks to paint/stain the leather. I rubbed it into the leather with a piece of foam, recycled from the iPad boxes. Then I did a radial design with Sharpies.

 I made a slit in the container for a craft stick.  I cut thin strips of the leather to tie onto the stick, however, yarn can also be used. Added pony beads and feathers. Beans inside for noise. And hot glued it all together.

I researched Native American rattles and was fascinated by the rich history. Rattles are comprised of 3 kingdoms or nations: animal, mineral and plants. Each of those kingdoms contribute to the rattle. The animal by using it's skin, shell or feathers. Minerals inside for sound or colors. And plants for container or the wooden handle. Read more about it here. I can't wait to do this with my students!

Here are some other recycle projects that have been popular with my students. Bobble heads from coffee creamer containers click here for details

Students did the fishbowls with cake lids that were donated to me.

These puppets from split yogurt containers that were in the art room when I started at this school. Turns out they came from Ed, the grandfather who dropped off all that stuff earlier in this post. He was apparently very generous when his children attended the school. 😀

Here are more recycle projects that I have blogged about, check out: Hoarder's Heaven, and Creating Architecture with Corners.

I would love to hear about your favorite recycle project!  Are you wondering how I how I have so many recycles? I ask for them! I tell the students, I show parents on Meet the Teacher Night and put blurbs in the school newsletter. And the stuff just rolls in ........

This week on October 4 marks 3 years of blogging! I went from 20,000 page views in my first year to almost 120,000 by the end of my third year. I am delighted to share with all of you and hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

Again thanks for Reading!! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunny Lines

This lesson was inspired by the Pinterest photo below. Students thought since we started it around the time of the solar eclipse that the eclipse was the inspiration. I went with the flow on that one, because I love a good cowinkie-dink.  Now as much as I enjoy a good Power Point to introduce a lesson, it doesn't work when a student is out of the room. So I have started making these storyboards for students to find out what we're doing. And what's great is other students can explain it to them.

My goal was to introduce and/or review lines with my students. (We have a lot of new students this year.) I shared a few pages from this book with them. It is available on Amazon here. We did all sorts of lines and the different directions they can go in up on the white board.

 I already had circle tracers from a snowman project. So all I needed were some trapezoid shapes. Students were told they had the option of "breaking the border" by leaving some of the circle tracer off of the paper. They were also instructed to draw different lines in each shape on their paper. And they could create patterns with both lines and shapes. I did this lesson with my 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders.


They used crayons and then the second week they painted over the crayon with watercolor paint. Crayon resist is always so magical for children.

In addition to learning about lines, I wanted to teach/review the procedure for painting and the clean up process afterwards.

I know drying racks are important in the art room and I'm lucky that I actually have one I like. It has wheels and I have been known to roll it around the room to wherever it is needed. It is also easy for students to use and I train them to put their work on the rack starting at the bottom and working their way up. I also made labels that hang on a paperclip to show me where each grade has their work drying. I only have one class of each grade level a day. And the next morning the dried work is put away.

Great teacher moment: I have lunch duty this year and a student just had to share with me the castle top line on his lunch snack!! Oh yeah!! I rocked that lesson!

Suggestion for Open School night. Put out a list of supplies you would like for the art room next to the sign in sheet for parents. Each post-it had a different supply on it and some great stuff is coming in!

Hope everyone is off to a great start for the new school year. 
Florida has had it rough lately, but we'll survive!

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inspiration: The Art of the Brick

Sooooo, I'm home blogging as all hell is breaking loose (lots of rain & some wind) in the form of Hurricane Irma. While I live an hour north of Tampa I am in a NO flood, NON evacuation zone. I am hunkered down with my husband and 3 dogs in a concrete block home and should be good. School was closed on Friday to open up shelters and as of now it will be closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Soooo, instead of what I have done in my art room check out the fun exhibit I took my grandson to titled The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya and presented by The Vinik Family Foundation. Thanks to Jeff and Penny Vinek the exhibit was FREE!
And it was amazing, one room after another filled with inspiration. In the words of the artist Nathan Sawaya, "Undeniable, art is not an option."

Check it out!

The entire exhibit was on display as a mini exhibit! How incredible is that?
There's even a brick vocabulary.......

And to think it all starts with just one brick!!

Absolutely amazing!

My grandson told my daughter, "Nana took lots of photos." And boy did I! I did share them with his 2nd grade class and a 5th grade that came afterwards. They were in AWE! I plan to put together a mini slide show and to share with my other art classes. This would have made a great field trip, just not enough time to pull it all together. So students will have a virtual experience instead!

I do regret not seeing it earlier in the summer and getting the word out there. It closed on Labor Day. I did find a video on you tube which really highlights the whole exhibit, click HERE to see it.

Florida peeps-STAY SAFE! It's time for me to do some hurricane snacking.........

Also before I forget, I updated my last blog post. You might want to check it out. 
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