Monday, April 16, 2018

Lunchbox as Functional Art

Every school year I do a unit on functional art. This year we did lunchboxes. In the past I have done benches, clocks, chairs, and birdhouses. (Click to read those posts.)

I started out with a short slide show of different photos of lunchboxes I grabbed off the internet. The first one was your typical plain lunchbox.

I started a discussion on what does it need to function as a lunchbox? 

Answers: Latch, zipper, or Velcro to open and close it. Handle or strap to carry it. Large enough to hold food.

Then I showed several character lunchboxes and we segued into the definition of copyrighted material. In addition to character lunchboxes there are many whimsical and unique boxes and bags available. Definitely functional art! Just do a Google search to create your own slide show.

Students were directed to fold 18x12" paper in half. Their choice as to which direction to create a long box (hotdog fold) or short box (hamburger fold). Outside would be the design and inside would contain a healthy lunch.  I did this with 2nd to 5th grade.

I love how they came out! Sorry there aren't more pictures, don't always get to it. 

Thanks for reading! What lesson do you do for functional art?

Sunday, April 1, 2018

NAEA in Seattle

On my way home from Seattle and the 2018 NAEA conference, I had time to reflect on the wonderful experiences I had.

Wednesday I took a pre-conference paid workshop titled Inspired by the Northwest k-12 Curriculum. The room was set up with 12 different stations with teachers, each with a different lesson. (Didn't get all the stations.)

In 3 hours we were able to attend four 40 minute lessons. Yes, it was very hard to choose!! It was a little easier when I decided I didn't want to get dirty....... AND we did receive a disc with ALL the lessons on it.

The tables I went to provided me with a lesson on the tidal basins using model magic.  

                                                                  -my sample-
 A spirit mask with air dry clay, a tin embossing project.
                                                         -my sample-
                                                          -student sample-
 and a bentwood box.
                                                       -teacher sample-
Thursday I went to sessions on Working with Adaptive Art, which I found to be very interesting. It was about giving all students the same experiences only adapted to what the student can use.

Inspiring & Experimental Design Thinking Art making Activities, this was all about mini challenges in designing with different items. Fun to see what people came up with.

We made a chair, self portrait with paper clips and an organizer for a wheelchair bound student.

And The Vital Role of Art Education for Students who have Experienced Psychological Trauma. This was amazing because unfortunately I believe I encounter way too many students experiencing trauma......

Friday was Art Chopped a take off of a show on the food network and a Coptic marker demonstration.
                                                                                             with Emily Samuels
In chopped you must use everything in the bag for your creation.

I left early on the last day of the conference which was Saturday, I needed a day to travel and another to recoup before heading back to work on Monday.

In addition to the sessions and workshops there was a vendors hall that I spent time making stuff. 

While all that made for a super good time the VERY best part is connecting with other art teachers! Saw old friends, met new friends and got to meet some Facebook friends! Many of which are blogging buddies.
                            with Jen Dahl                                  Phyllis Brown & Cindy Ingram
                                                               with Amy Bultena

Went to the Frye Museum with a Florida buddy. There was a large salon filled with amazing art and an exhibit of deconstructed canvas by Ko Kirk Yamahira.

                                with Glenda Lubiner
Also had some professional meet ups. I'm on the teacher advisory board for Faber-Castell. That was a  very  productive meeting and we got to play with a new product. Thanks Christa! 
 This new marker has a retractable point, so it should keep it's point longer!

School Arts magazine had an author's reception and I have written many clip cards lately. Thanks Nancy and Julian! 

Also, Art Class Curator had a meet up and that woman knows how to stuff a swag bag! 
             Thanks Cindy Ingram. (There are actually 2 things missing........)

I was lucky the conference was during my spring break. Even though I know my principal would cover my sub for me.  

If you were at the conference what was your favorite part?

Thanks for Reading!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Dragon in a Box/Cave

 What do you do when you have a bunch of boxes that you want to get rid of?? 
Well, I come up with an art project to use them with.

This lesson came together 20 minutes before the class showed up. I knew I wanted to do a lesson from this book I have by Denise M. Logan. Check it out on Amazon here.

So naturally I changed it out. I googled how to draw dragons and printed out a few different ones for students to choose from. The history behind dragons is pretty fascinating. Apparently they differ according to country of origin. I also decided we would use the empty boxes I had from the new laptops, which really aren't that new anymore...  AND I had these 3D O's to pop out the dragons with.

 First they drew their dragons and then they drew the stalactites and stalagmites for 
above and below their cave.
Then they cut it all out.

And assembled their project.

I did this with my 4th graders, however I have some second graders begging to make them....
Students had the choice of colored pencils or markers and worked on 12x18" white drawing paper.

Figures, just when you come up with a project you love, to use up all your boxes 
you wish you had more of them!!
(I'm not really worried, I'm connected!)

Leaving in the morning for Seattle to attend the NAEA Conference! 
If you see me please say Hello!

Thanks for Reading!