Sunday, August 12, 2018

First Week Back!

My newly decorated cabinets, thanks to a parent who donated a big bag of rolls of vinyl. I have no clue how to use a Cricut so I made all the patterns by hand and just cut them out myself (the old fashion way...). The word: paper was done on the Cricut by my daughter. She also did a couple of words for me to stick on my other cabinets. Thank you Stephanie!

I'm planning on starting off the first week of school teaching about lines.

My 3rd to 5th graders are going to do 3D line sculptures.

Above is my example. We will explore the meaning of sculpture and talk about how it is viewed from all 4 sides.
 Students will get to pick one twisteez wire, one button, one bead, one pipe cleaner and one thin wire. And they will get a piece of packing foam to do their design on. They may cut the twisteez wire and swap pieces with their neighbors.

Our Reading Specialist gave me this book The Straight Line Wonder by Mem Fox at the end of last year and it is adorable. It's about 3 straight lines that are friends and how one of the straight lines wants to express himself and try out other types of lines. You can click on the title to find it on Amazon, it's a little expensive so maybe you can find someone who has a copy to lend you.

 After reading the book I plan to hand out black strips of paper (18x1") and show the students how to use it to make different lines. Then they can staple one end down to white paper (18x3"), give their line a hat and do some lines to represent movement. I'm planning this for k-2nd. I think it will be something quick and easy to do on the first day of art.

First week back I assign students to seats (it helps me to remember their names). We go over rules and we chat a bit about our summer. I love to gush at students and tell them how tall they got over the summer and how great they look.  Soooo I'm kind of looking forward to tomorrow....... but I'm pretty sure all us teachers could use another week or two to gear up for the NEW YEAR!

Thanks for Reading! And have a great year!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sense of Accomplishment

I have a great sense of accomplishment as far as how my summer vacation was spent.
It was important to me to work on becoming stronger (my back surgery was over 2 years ago and I don't want to use a cane anymore). I decided yoga was the answer. The change it has made has been worth every penny. The aerial sling is used to help me balance and get a deeper stretch.

Cleaning out my house was another accomplishment that was a long overdue. It's actually a new craze called Swedish Death cleaning. Which boils down to- get rid of your clutter because your children really don't want your stuff.  Soooo basically I cleaned out, donate, sold and dumped lots of STUFF!

We also put in new carpets and tile. That was a big job to empty out my sewing/craft room. But it looks great! And, yes that is a pencil dress hanging up on the door. A friend of mine grabbed it when another friend was giving some clothes away. SCORE!

Visited a few museums over the summer for some incredible inspiration. The Clyde Butcher: Visions of Dali's Spain was amazing. There was a slide presentation that had Dali's art on one side and a photo of what inspired the art on the other side. This would be a great lesson on surrealism. I'm planning on having students use photographs from old books or magazines and add their own art to it, making surreal images.

Also went up to Ocala to The Appleton Museum of Art. I actually won 2nd place in their cellphone photography contest.
 My prize was a 1 year membership, a really fun photography book and a museum quality canvas of my photo.

In June I attended a FAEA summer workshop that had an Asian theme.
 BTW Florida peeps conference registration starts Monday, August 6th AND Cassie Stephens will be one of our keynote speakers! I will be doing 2 workshops. Puppet Making and Hat Making!

And what's a summer without doing a prop for my favorite community theater? I made Milky White for an upcoming production of Into the Woods. Then I decided to do a little photo session with her.....
I did a presentation for docents at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. It focused on how to engage students in activities in an art museum.

I also had training on Trauma Informed Care, a program which we will be bringing to our students. This was eye opening and hopefully something that will benefit everyone!

Did some reading and lots of binge watching on Netflixs, Hulu and Amazon......

In less then 10 hours I'm back to work for teacher's planning week and students will be back on the 13th. I feel pretty good on all the countless chores I brought up to date around the house and hope to continue to stay organized and clutter free.....

Now it's time to turn my brain back on and plan for some lessons. I'm going to focus on lines. k-2nd will do paper lines and 3rd-5th will do lines with wire and air dry clay. Rules will be a super quick review with 2nd-5th. Should be interesting....

With all I accomplished this summer, I just couldn't get myself to sit still in front of my computer to blog. I'm really sorry about that, there were many fun activities I did at the end of the school year to share. And I will as I get into the whole back to school/work groove!

Thanks for Reading!!

I would love to hear how your summer is going!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fun With Collages

 I'm not a big fan of collages. But I am totally into recycling. And besides there might even be a question on the End of Course exam about collages........

So I decided it would be fun and there are ways that I could incorporate it into future art lessons.
It could be the start of teaching about storyboards for interior or fashion design. Scrap booking is still big and that's fun of lots for people. I also think it's good for teaching composition. My recycle bin at home was packed with some catalogs that would work really well and I had a stack of cardboard from one of my PTO moms.

The first week I read the book Trash! Trash! Trash! (Sorry, couldn't find it on Amazon. Any book on recycling would work.) I cut the catalogs in half down the middle and removed the staples. Then I spread them across the tables for the students to go through them. Students could chose 10-12 pictures from the catalogs pages to put in their art folders for the following week.I suggested they come up with a theme for their collages.

 The second week students covered their cardboard with construction paper and placed their pictures down. The third week they added assorted stickers, foam pieces, buttons, puzzle pieces and other interesting doodads. In hindsight it didn't need to be 3 weeks. 1 or  2 could work depending upon your supplies.

Students were able to add words to their collages with these labels. I received boxes of unused labels from a student's grandfather. They could use either side, however I showed them how to write backwards to create raised letters.

 I did these collages with my kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.

Soooooo had a bunch of these inserts from laptop boxes taking up space and decided to use them to make assemblages with older students. Did this with the 4th graders as they had seen an assemblage during their museum trip. Then as the last few days of school were upon us-I used them with 3th and 5th until they were GONE!

Also had a bunch of assorted doodads for students to use. I put out scissors, glue sticks and white liquid glue. It was a one day "make it and take it" as I don't have the room store them.

 My sample:
 Student work:

Collages are a great end of year activity. I am going to do a better job saving scrap paper in anticipation of doing it again at the end of next year.

Friday was my last day with students and the next 2 days I will be cleaning up my art room.

There were quite  a few fun activities I did last week that I will share over the summer. Also if you are a Florida art teacher and are willing to travel to Sarasota or Palm Beach there are some interesting workshops being given by the FAEA. Click here for more info. You don't need to be a member to participate, however it will cost less if you are a member.

Thanks for Reading and Enjoy your summer!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Inspiration: Steven Kenny

 I am with the artist Steven Kenny (click on his name to be taken to his website) at the opening of his exhibit at The Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. 
(The hat I have on is 'cause the opening included a costume contest.)

The inspiration pieces by Steven Kenny, that I shared with my students as we began our paintings.
                                            The Arrival                               After the Flood

For several years now I have been taking my 4th graders to The Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. As part of this field trip, they get to see their work displayed. Which is very exciting! Click HERE to see how it all started! Just in case you would like to display your student's work in a museum.

As I prepare for this event, I check out what will be on exhibit at the museum to inspire my students so that their project will relate to what they will be seeing.

The first time I saw the painting The Arrival by Steven Kenny something just clicked! Maybe because I'm from the north and I now live in Florida. But I absolutely love that painting. And with a little research I found his painting After the Flood, which again makes me think of Florida. I was really excited to see that Steven Kenny's work would be on display when I took my students to the museum.j

                                                   (student work)

After showing my students the inspiration paintings, I modeled how to use the paint to create an outdoor scene. I demonstrated a beach background, however I told my students it just needed to be outside. At the time it was winter in Florida and an art teacher friend of mine up north wanted me to do an exchange with her and her students. They would do a winter scene up north and I would do one in the south. Basically to show how different our winters are. The Arrival was the perfect way to start the conversation.

I wanted my students to paint their backgrounds without any interference and not to worry about what they would place in their paintings.

The following week we practiced drawing figures with manikins and students drew what they wanted in their paintings on a separate piece of paper. They colored with markers and colored pencils. Then they cut out their figures and anything else they wanted to add and glued it to their paper. I showed them how to blend in what they had glued down as some couldn't quite cut out small areas.

Check out how wonderful they came out!

The Student Expressions Wall

Students checking out their art work

Soooo in the event you have clicked on the artists name and noticed how some of his art may not be appropriate for elementary students.......... I did include that information on the permission slips and did keep the children away from some of the more graphic paintings........ sigh.

We all had a wonderful time at the museum and now I'm gonna start planning for next years trip!

Thanks for Reading!