Monday, January 15, 2018

Museum Styled Centers

Happy 2018 everyone!
I completely powered-down during my 2 week winter break. I read, I watched Hallmark movies and I went to Nashville for a few cold days over New Year's Eve.

Besides the wonderful opportunity to visit my son and see his new house I LOVE to visit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Which happens to be about 5 minutes down the road from his new home.

They have this incredible interactive room for children of ALL ages. And I believe many of the activities in this area would make for some incredible centers in our art rooms.

 This is a good way to learn about Abstract Art. You start off by drawing the way something looks, then you draw a simplified version of the object and then draw it exaggerated.

 What a great way to learn about public art. Display a photo of your school and have students create a sculpture for the front of the building or perhaps somewhere in the playground.

 This looks very easy to set up and I have found some really great mirrors in my local dollar store.

 Unfortunately not everyone has the room for a life size mannequin, but an area with several small mannequins would work out just as well. (BTW those are my 3 of my grandchildren from a few years ago. They loved the place so much they wouldn't tell me they were hungry because they didn't want to leave.)
 Texture plates are pretty easy to find in the School Specialty catalog. Or pretty much any other school supply company.

 I have often managed to get foam shapes from an elementary math coach,  otherwise you can cut out your own. Or have a volunteer cut some for you. Use foam or laminated paper. Maybe put magnets on the back and get some metal baking sheets.

 Set out a basket of objects for students to draw and have them draw the subject and the background.

 An animation center could be set up with iPads that have animation apps. Not too experienced with that and would need to do research. Could be fun!

 Printmaking. While that set up is rather elaborate I'm sure something on a small scale could be done.

 Watercolor. This can be set up on a table to accommodate 4-8 students.

 These shapes reminded me of Matisse cut outs. I believe these were here to assemble. But I can see them being used to inspire Matisse style art.

 They also had an area to explore the current Nick Cave exhibit. With a make and take. Which I took and I can't wait to do a lesson with my students about his sound suits!

I didn't include all the wonderful activities that were available as some spaces were hard to get to.

Turns out they will be redoing this area soon and and can't wait to get back to see it!

Centers in the art room is a great way to continue learning for those students who finish early. If you would like to see more ideas for centers visit my TPT site here for my free list of Art Centers for Extended Learning.  One of these days I might actually add to the list........ The Hallmark movies aren't helping my productivity..........

Hope you all have a wonderful new year! I still have lots of lessons to share and I'm pretty excited that I now have over 140,000 page views!!

Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

There Was A Cold Lady Who........

Pretty sure you have all read the story The Little Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly. Well apparently there is a whole series of books with a lady swallowing some pretty strange things. And then she gets up what she swallowed and creates something. In the book below the cold lady swallowed enough stuff to hiccup out a snowman. Amazon has it here if you're interested.

I am really getting into the storyboards, it's so helpful for a student that missed the lesson without going into a long explanation. Remember a picture IS worth a 1000 words......

 I demonstrated by using a tracer to draw a circle in the middle of the paper. Next a U shape above the circle,  a parallel line on each side of the circle.
 Add some mittens or gloves, lines for a long or short coat. Add a hat, legs or pants, boots or shoes and a scarf. Students in k-2nd grade had a visit from Santa recently and all the children received a hat, scarf and a set of gloves. I referenced his visit and had a discussion on all the wonderful patterns that were on their gift.
Originally I thought I would have students use just markers.

Then it occurred to me that students could practice using different media while filling in the Craftsmanship worksheet in their art folders.  I showed students the correct way to use markers, colored pencils and crayons. (A copy of the worksheet is on my resource page.)

Students were encouraged to make some of their own decisions. They could make a girl or a boy, change out hats, change out stomach contents. They were given 12" x 18" paper. This took 2 class sessions. Use smaller paper if you want them to complete it in one class.

There were so many wonderful works of art that came out of this lesson. I was so excited to see all the wonderful patterns and colors and hear them tell their own stories. The level of craftsmanship was up........ Overall a great time was had by all, including ME!

Happy Holidays and Thank you for Reading!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Triangle Card Challenge

This is a really fun last minute holiday activity to do with your students. I may have been inspired by a Santa that I came across that was painted onto a triangle. I started to wonder what else could be made with a triangle?

Students were given triangle tracers that were 2" along the bottom and 4" on each side. They got white 6"x 9" drawing paper (paper should be folded in half, like a book) and a choice of markers and colored pencils.

An intro to the lesson was a discussion about the greeting card industry.  What kind of occasion would you give someone a card? Who designs that card? Did you know artists get paid to illustrate cards? Where upon one student wanted to know if he was getting paid for his card today.........

I showed students the different ideas I had for using the triangle to make a card. They could use my ideas but they needed to add to it. AND of course they could come up with something on their own.

 I can't believe I didn't think of an elf........

 Love the snow coming down in this one.

This student ended up adding some Christmas things to his dinosaur, but I got too busy to take another photo. It did make me think the triangle challenge could be just about anything and not just the winter holidays.

Came across an address on Facebook to send to recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center and decided students could do one card they keep and one card for me to send out. They ended up writing some beautiful sentiments inside the cards. Turns out the address was incorrect. Contact your local V.A. to find out the procedure to send them cards. Thank You Tammy!!

I've got 2 weeks until break and the students are beyond excited for the upcoming holidays!
Let's hang tight, we can make it!

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Learn About Art

Here is a little something I do with either early finishers or students we are waiting for that are in Tier 3. Tier 3 is help for some of our students and takes place the first 20 minutes of Specials.

When I have everyone in class I will present the next lesson we are going to work on. But in the meantime..........

I modeled for students how to fill out the worksheet. Asking them the questions that are on the paper.
The worksheets can be used with art posters, art post cards or art calendars. Since it was the first time, I had the many postcards that I collected from my many museum trips spread out for my students.

 Students used colored pencils to color on the copy paper.

Now that they know what to do. They will find copies of the worksheet and more postcards in the draw at the front of the room under the white board.

The other drawers have photos of textures and drawing prompts that students may also use when they have time between projects.
Click here or go to my Resource page for a copy of this worksheet.

What do you do for early finishers?

Thanks for Reading!