Sunday, December 3, 2017

Learn About Art

Here is a little something I do with either early finishers or students we are waiting for that are in Tier 3. Tier 3 is help for some of our students and takes place the first 20 minutes of Specials.

When I have everyone in class I will present the next lesson we are going to work on. But in the meantime..........

I modeled for students how to fill out the worksheet. Asking them the questions that are on the paper.
The worksheets can be used with art posters, art post cards or art calendars. Since it was the first time, I had the many postcards that I collected from my many museum trips spread out for my students.

 Students used colored pencils to color on the copy paper.

Now that they know what to do. They will find copies of the worksheet and more postcards in the draw at the front of the room under the white board.

The other drawers have photos of textures and drawing prompts that students may also use when they have time between projects.
Click here or go to my Resource page for a copy of this worksheet.

What do you do for early finishers?

Thanks for Reading!

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