Sunday, December 17, 2017

There Was A Cold Lady Who........

Pretty sure you have all read the story The Little Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly. Well apparently there is a whole series of books with a lady swallowing some pretty strange things. And then she gets up what she swallowed and creates something. In the book below the cold lady swallowed enough stuff to hiccup out a snowman. Amazon has it here if you're interested.

I am really getting into the storyboards, it's so helpful for a student that missed the lesson without going into a long explanation. Remember a picture IS worth a 1000 words......

 I demonstrated by using a tracer to draw a circle in the middle of the paper. Next a U shape above the circle,  a parallel line on each side of the circle.
 Add some mittens or gloves, lines for a long or short coat. Add a hat, legs or pants, boots or shoes and a scarf. Students in k-2nd grade had a visit from Santa recently and all the children received a hat, scarf and a set of gloves. I referenced his visit and had a discussion on all the wonderful patterns that were on their gift.
Originally I thought I would have students use just markers.

Then it occurred to me that students could practice using different media while filling in the Craftsmanship worksheet in their art folders.  I showed students the correct way to use markers, colored pencils and crayons. (A copy of the worksheet is on my resource page.)

Students were encouraged to make some of their own decisions. They could make a girl or a boy, change out hats, change out stomach contents. They were given 12" x 18" paper. This took 2 class sessions. Use smaller paper if you want them to complete it in one class.

There were so many wonderful works of art that came out of this lesson. I was so excited to see all the wonderful patterns and colors and hear them tell their own stories. The level of craftsmanship was up........ Overall a great time was had by all, including ME!

Happy Holidays and Thank you for Reading!


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