Saturday, March 21, 2015

Primarily Art!

I am very excited today!! Why? Because I figured out how to make all these awesome changes to my blog. AND the blog now matches my brand new business cards!!
AND I got this REALLY COOL shirt to wear to the NAEA conference this week, which also MATCHES my business card!!!

The first NAEA conference I EVER attended was in Seattle in 2011. It was during my spring break so I didn't need to ask for time off.
I had such an enriching experience, not to mention all the freebies I got to take home....... That I went to my state conference that same year.
Then, I decided I needed to give back and I presented at both the state and national level. At this point, I was given the time off by my principal.

And meeting other people? Just makes the experience that much better!  This week on Friday, I will be wearing my new shirt when I present as part of the Elementary Carousel of Learning: Teacher Art Blogs. My segment will be about getting started, since I'm new at this. It's from 11 to 11:50 at the Convention Center/Meeting Room 216/Second level. I really hope to see you there.........

AND if you happen to see someone else in the same shirt, it is because my bff is meeting me there. We have been friends since kindergarten! She lives in San Diego and we had such a great time last year......... it may become our annual vacation! Oh YEAH!

Oh, and if this happens to be your first time attending-bring an extra suitcase! Also, get on the NAEA website and start making your plans. 

Hope to meet you there! And if you can't make it, there will be another one next year and the year after that............

Thanks for reading!

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