Saturday, October 18, 2014

Showing Off Our Stuff

I've always read about the art teachers and the music teachers doing a joint effort to showcase student talent. You know, the whole concert/art exhibit thingy. And it seemed liked a really good plan. Soooo when I finally settled in, to my first full time position, in one school, with my very own art room......... I decided to connect with the music teacher to pull this off. I was so EXCITED! I could promote my art program! YEA!  Until I found out that the music teacher decided to change the venue. The concert was being moved down the block, to the middle school, to accommodate all the students and their families. 
Now fast forward a few years-AND I find out we are ALL moving to the middle school while our building is being renovated. AND I could finally have my first official ART SHOW!! YEA!!
 So last year, our first year in the school, our music teacher choose to do three concerts. The first concert with 2nd and 3rd graders, the next one with kindergarten and 1st grade, then the last one with 4th and 5th graders.
The mascot at the middle school is a ship and we are all Raiders! Soooo to get into the spirit of our new home school I decided we would do paintings of pirate ships.
In my drawing center I have the series of easy step by step drawing books and the  How to Draw 101 Things That Go had the perfect 17th Century Ship. This was also the perfect way to introduce the drawing center to new students and to show them how to follow the step by step directions.

I presented the lesson using a power point as I modeled the directions. I included instructions for painting and clean up. They were also told that they could include their own details and that they were not required to make it look like mine or the drawing sheet.
And they didn't!! It actually amazed me that they were all so completely different. We did talk a little about Romero Britto and I showed them some examples of how colorful his work is and they took it from there.  Here are a few of the sections displayed.
I received really good feedback from admin and parents. And I continued to exhibit along with the other music performances. What was your first art exhibit like?

Thanks for reading!

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