Monday, October 6, 2014

My Temporary Art Room

Renovations at my home school are not scheduled to be completed until the 2015/16 school year. I am very lucky to have a principal that supports my art program. Here is my art room.

So when the news broke that we would be moving down the block to be housed in the middle school, I was put in one of the science rooms. Let me tell you, there are things I say to my students in class I NEVER thought I would ever say- like "put it in the drying rack, it's by the SHOWER" or "I think you'll find paper clips in the SINK. And of course, I have tell them why I even have a shower and why there is noooo curtain.
My absolute favorite innovation since I started teaching art is my Elmo.  It took me a few weeks to figure out how to place it so that I didn't need to contort myself. You can see the tape lines, one to line up the Elmo and the other to line up what I show my students.

When I turn it on, a sign always comes up telling me that the filter needs to be cleaned. But the last time I messed with anything other then the on and off switch- the picture ended up upside down. My tech person had a good laugh!  ANYWAY with one of these babies, what I do above the tape line is projected to a screen that I pull down over my whiteboard. And now students can see what I'm doing close up. Which is fantastic! And incredible for so many lessons.
Here's my desk, I have a bin for each class. My Craftmanship poster was inspired by Box Artist on the art teacher Facebook page. Which btw is a great place for us art teachers to get advice, get inspired  and realize we are NOT alone. I met up with a group of FB art teachers from Florida at the conference. So nice to put a face to a name! Thanks for reading!

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