Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Sheryl Depp, I am an art teacher in Pasco County Florida. I am currently residing in a middle school while renovations are taking place in my home school.

I love teaching art and have read so many wonderful and inspiring blogs from other art teachers, I feel it is my turn to share. Over the last few years I have had some wonderful opportunities for professional development which I would like to share. I also want to spotlight the creativity of my k-5 students.

I just returned from The Florida Art Educator Association (FAEA). It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and share with other art teachers. There are also workshops and presentations that are incredibly informative. I attended forums on iPads, Networking, Social Justice through Art, Strategies to Enhance Vocabulary. I attended two workshops, one on Japanese Art and another one where I got to cast my hand in wax. How cool was that?

Vendors also attend these conferences. They give out free samples, let us try their products to make fun projects.

About the free samples, I will admit to a certain amount of plundering and getting more then my fair share-however, I do give it out to my students and share with other art teachers.

I have lots more stories, however since this is my first attempt at blogging-I want to see if I can actually get this up and running.

-Thanks for reading this!


  1. One for time.... I am excited for you... I have attempt to comment 2 other times ! LOL