Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Airport Display Inspires Mascot Art

With us artsy types, inspiration comes from many places. Several years ago, can't remember if I was picking up or dropping off someone at the airport, when I came across a display of fiberglass manatees.

  There were over 30 different ones that I saw all over the airport by the arrival/departure gates. Apparently part of a program to raise awareness for the "Outdoor Arts Foundation" here in Tampa.

It was amazing! It was wonderful! It was INSPIRING! It would be a great way to introduce the school mascot to my students. I was new to the school and this would be my way to join together and feel like part of a team!  However......... my school mascot was a lion...... oh my.

Wait! I live in modern times! I have the information highway at my fingertips- Okay, back in those days...... I needed my husband's help to pull off anything to do with the computer or the internet or spelling or never mind........ (I've gotten better, he has not helped once with this blog). Anyway, look at what he found for me......

 I was then able to put together a slide show (it would be years before I would figure out how to do a power point......... baby steps). Anyway, it contained all the photos (some with a front and back view) of the manatees from the airport AND a about a dozen lions my husband snagged from the internet.  

I talked with my students about mascots, their significance and that our mascot was a lion. And here is some of their work. One of the first, of many, mini exhibits in our Den of Art!

 I think they came out terrific and I was proud to show them off. And, it occurs to me, these students just might be high school seniors this year! Oh my..........

Isn't it wonderful that inspiration is all around us? What will inspire you?
Thanks for reading!