Saturday, October 25, 2014

All Things Potato

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I would blog about my addiction, no wait, I mean my collection of Potato Heads. Why you ask? Because that was what inspired last year's costume.
Not to brag, but I made the costume in under 3 hours. It was easy to enlarge the facial features and cut them out from felt. Sewing felt is easy as there are no rough edges. I inserted cardboard into the ears to make them stand out. With leggings, a long sleeve shirt, and gloves I was set to go. The hat was one of those cheap visors you find in a craft store that I glued flowers onto with my hot glue gun.

My collection started about 10 years ago on a trip to Disney's Marketplace in Orlando with my sister. Did you know you can fill a box up with assorted potato head parts? I filled up 2 boxes and found out there was a store in New York City that had accessories special to NY and got those sent to me. I mean really, how could I resist Statue of Liberty parts?

I continued to return to Disney to filled up one or two more boxes. And HAD to have a photo with Mr. Potato Head.
With a new camera that I received one year for my birthday I decided to DO a photo shoot.
And I GAVE them a 60th birthday party. (Signs were leftovers from hubby's birthday.)
My fascination for potato heads did make it into the art room. Students mixed red dirt and green paint to make brown. I had some tracers for students to use for the parts that they cut out of construction paper.

When I started my collection I justified it by saying that my grandchildren will have something to play with when they visit. AND sometimes I EVEN let them play with them.

Have any of your addictions, I mean collections, shown up in your art room?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Those potato head pictures are awesome! I don't have any collections in my art room now... hmmm. I should start thinking. I have 3 of those cows on parade.

  2. Those Cows on Parade are awesome for inspiration! And they don't have to be cows. The original idea for the cows came from Switzerland. The mayor from Chicago saw them and brought the idea over. See my article on mascots for more inspiration. There are so many possibilities. Enjoy!