Monday, October 27, 2014

Grateful for Grants

Over 20 years ago a friend of mine, who taught art, complained to me that she only got $1 per student to spend. I get less then that per student and as I pointed out IT IS 20 years later.

The very first time I asked for a grant was from the School Advisory Committee or SAC. I wanted to do something a little different with my students and requested supplies to do a leather craft project with them.
Students in all grades had the opportunity to learn about leather and make a key chain. Since that was  several years ago, I recently did the project again. This time funding came from a district art festival.

Target gives grants for field trips and I was able to get funded through them twice. What better place to take students then an art museum?
 Last year I received a grant for sketchbooks. When I told my students at the end of the year that they could take them home, they were beyond thrilled!
There are opportunities all over the place for getting grants. Sometimes, missed opportunities if I can't think of what I need at that moment in time. Soooo, I blew many chances to apply for a grant. Soooo, I thought it would be prudent of me to keep a wish list available for when an opportunity falls in my lap. And this past January was that CHANCE OF A LIFETIME I had been waiting for. Farmers Insurance had decided to thank a million teachers by giving away $1,000,000. They broke the country down into regions and the 6 people with the highest votes would each get $2,500. The first photo is me with the real check and the second photo is the check I received at a special presentation with representatives from Farmers Insurance. Members of the staff, PTO and district people all participated in the event. Who doesn't want a photo op with a BIG check!
I found out about the grant on Facebook thru Nancy Walkup, editor of School Arts Magazine. She is always posting the most inspiring articles and up to date information for art teachers.

By now, you must be wondering what I did with all that money? PARTY! PARTY! Noooo... not me!
Actually I managed to add another $1,000 from SAC .......... AND......... GOT............ iPADS!!!!
 YEAH!!!!! Not one ipad, no, not two ipads BUT EIGHT! 8! iPADS!!!! AND CASES!!!!

And I even let the students use them............
Here the student is searching for backgrounds, for a selfie project, I promise to share soon.
Have you applied for a grant lately?   Thanks for reading!


  1. Every year our local community gives out grants for education up to $500. Redwoods Coast Education Foundation has awarded me three grants in two years. Last year we had visiting artist Reuben Margolin come and give a presentation on kinetic art (our school wide theme was machines). This year I am using the grant to take middle school to the Asian Art Museum, the Japanese Tea Garden and make Asian inspired art. I am using my second grant to take high school art students to The Keith Haring exhibit at the deYoung Museum and then make art about contemporary social issues. Grants are fantastic.
    The smARTteacher is a website for sharing lesson plans and resources which has monthly challenge for a chance to win gift certificates for Blick.
    Artsonia also has challenge for a chance to win Blick certificates as well, not to mention the artist of the week contests too.
    These resources has supplemented quite a bit of my best art supplies and opportunities.
    Best wishes,
    Ms. Meyers

    1. That's terrific that you have those opportunities in your community. Sounds like some great exhibits you will be taking your students to. Thanks for commenting.