Tuesday, October 21, 2014

United We Roar?

Occasionally, I get into the whole community thing. You know, creating art as a community. Okay, in reality- I once decided, after reading an article about making students all feel part of a community, I did this really GREAT project. I incorporated our mascot with the Elements of Design. Each grade level was assigned an element. After cutting out a giant lion for each classroom teacher, I then cut up enough pieces from each lion for every student in the class to use. Then I assembled them all together and displayed them. In time for our Meet the Teacher Night.
Kindergarten started the rainbow using texture on their pieces, which was then glued onto red bulletin paper.  1st grade learned about lines and was glued down to orange paper.

       2nd grade did color on yellow paper.                  3rd grade was shapes on green paper

       4th grade did value on blue paper.           5th grade did space and form on purple paper.
I believe I had 4 sections of each grade level that year. They were displayed in the hall on the way to art and in the art hallway.

Yes, I had them paired off and facing each other. Classroom teacher's names were written on the tails. It was fun listening to children showing them off to their families as they talked about the Elements of Design.
 To make the mascot, I used a die cut of a lion, placed it on the overhead and traced it onto bulletin board paper. Then onto poster board that was taped together to make it big enough.
You all gotta know, I just took that last photo of the tracer, tonight, on my carpet to be able to show to all of you. Yes, I still have it. Yes, I save just about everything. It's under the definition of art teacher, isn't it?
What's some of the crazy stuff you have saved?   Thanks for reading!

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