Monday, May 25, 2015

Free Art Challenge

 My students LOVE FREE ART! It gives them the opportunity to create something from nothing. While some of the students told me they do this stuff all the time at home, I suspect most of them don't. So I am very happy to give them the time to do this.

I gotta GET RID OF THIS STUFF! I REFUSE to pack it to bring to my home school (renovation will be complete for the new school year.)

Therefore the art teacher said, "There shall be free art!"

 I was hoping to be really organized about it, like the design challenge with Tim Gunn in NOLA. But I have too much to get rid of and too many students that really want to do their own thing. Sooo with that in mind I have categorized the finished projects. Above are some of the vehicles.

Here are the light sabers-
The castles-
 The robots,
A bounce house -
 Clothing- an apron, shirt -
 and a bag-
Let's not forget a mask  and a helmet!
 I got really excited about these little fairy houses, mainly because of the  fairy door project from earlier in the school year. I was also thrilled to be using all those bottle tops from the bobble head project.

 Check out the beach front property above on the right!
Had a wonderful time talking with my students about their projects. I also suggested to classroom teachers that the children write about what they made. Which apparently they have done before with their art projects. YEAH!!!

Would love to hear what you do with recycles! Thanks for reading!!
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