Sunday, May 17, 2015

E.O.C. Survivor

 For 5 days last week, my students entered my art room, sat down and took End Of Course exams with me, for the first time, EVER. Having known about this since the beginning of the school year, it did not keep me from getting nightmares the night before.
 There were many reasons for my stress concerning my students taking these tests.  First of all, they would be on computers. Would they crash? Would I know what to do if I couldn't load the test? Could the little ones manipulate the mouse pad?  Testing included kindergarten through 5th grade. What questions would be on the test?    

It's obvious that teacher's feelings/opinions don't count AND there will ALWAYS be testing. Yes, I understand that we need to know that students are learning what we teach them. However, art is performance based and THAT knowledge should be accessed during the performance of their art work. AND let's remember that some of these students are really too young to get accurate results.
 Anyway, I was actually required to read the test questions to k, 1st and 2nd grade. Also, read the test to a few 3rd and 4th graders who had accommodations. I did not write the test. My understanding is there was a committee of teachers in the district that were involved in writing the test. Really not sure..... I had also heard that the state (Florida) developed a bank of questions that districts could choose from to put an exam together. I have no clue.

I had to also sign an agreement to not discuss the contents of the test, so I won't. Photos taken for this blog were taken between test sessions. No violation there!

So......... Fifth graders were the first ones in the room to take the test. They were given 30 minutes, they were all finished in 20. Yikes?? Pretty much the same with the fourth graders.

After planning and lunch  came second, first and  then kindergarten-they needed help logging in, and manipulating the mouse. It was so cute to see them scrolling with two fingers-like directed-however not both on the same hand? Which leaves us with the question: how much of the allotted test time was spent teaching students how to take the test?

Questions were read to them over and OVER, as I walked around the room. The biggest problem was if they didn't scroll up and down and went side to side they would be on another screen and need to be entered back into the test. Some of the little ones didn't really understand what to do and were confused by the whole thing. Can't wait to see those results!

Thank goodness I had help during testing.  A BIG thank you to Jen and Lisa, without the two of you to help I would still be logging students in! Last in were the third graders who seemed to be handling it well enough.

Not sure if this is in violation or not, but, the test seemed to be appropriate across the grades levels. Most of the questions covered what I had been teaching throughout the year.....I can breathe now...

I want to debate the fairness, I want to vent over losing precious art time to test my students last week, but all of that is pointless since it doesn't change anything AND I want my blog to be upbeat and positive!!

Sooo I asked my son, who has returned to school to be a graphic designer, to design a shirt. I seriously want to make one of these to sell. The debate is which one would teachers prefer to wear- the one on the left or the one on the right. Obviously I like the one on the left, that is why it is on the top of my blog!
So, if you wouldn't mind voting I would really appreciate it. Also, would love to know if there is anyone interested in buying a shirt like this. I would get them made and sell them, hopefully for under $20. Just a thought!!!

Thanks for reading, sorry that I was short on photos and long on words, I just needed to get it all out there! By the way-do let me know how your E.O.C.'s are going!


  1. I'm with you, I love the one on the left and would love to have one. We are spending at least one day this summer, the day after school is out to write the EOCs for our district. The problem is we don't teach the same subjects and have no curriculum. A very interesting time in education.

  2. Thanks! I'll let you know what happens with the shirts. That's pretty crazy about your EOCs, but at least you will be a part of them.

  3. It was on art? That's interesting. I'd imagine anything on computer would be difficult for some of the little ones (as it can be for me!) In DE we have an art assessment but it's done as a visual.

    1. AND was written by state art teachers