Sunday, May 10, 2015

Collage Not Mirage

Having lots and LOTS of scrap paper in a box that I have been collecting for the last two years-I figured it was time to do collages with my kindergarten and 1st graders. Seriously, I need to use this stuff up before moving back to my newly renovated school.

My EQ: "What is a collage?" Answer from one of my 1st graders: "It's where when you're in the desert you see things that aren't there."

Fortunately this was one of those days where I made the connection to what he was saying and clarified that we were not talking about the same thing. And that he was thinking of a mirage.  I went on to explain to my students what a collage was. Then I gave them a blurb about the book I was going to read them. Beautiful Oops is a wonderful book as the author uses paper to create art that others would reject as being too dirty, ripped or bent.

After reading the book, which by the way, the students LOVED! I demonstrated different ways to manipulate paper. We can CUT paper, RIP paper, FOLD, CRUMBLE, and FRINGE paper. I showed students how they can use these different techniques to create art. They could make whatever they wanted, but, I did show them my samples of a park and a vase with flowers to help inspire them.

Students went to their seats and started to create some of the most incredible art! They were also allowed to visit other tables to get different colors for their projects.

As students showed me their finished work I asked them to name it. Give it a title. Some of the names chosen were: Masterpiece, Cool, Pretty Flowers, some were named for the artist and some received the name of the local park.

Students couldn't stop talking about what was going on in their art. I suggested to the classroom teachers that their students would enjoy writing about their art. They could do a description or step by step instructions. A great way to integrate writing with art!

Do you have your students write about their art? Do they do artist statements?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Any suggestions on how to do this with 32 kinders? I have no aide. I would live to read a book to them and give them glue and scissors but I haven't been successful in that yet.

    1. Oh my, you have your hands full! My suggestion would be to do everything but the cutting. Show the other techniques. Have small pieces of paper available to them to play with. Maybe have them in their seats and go to each table and demonstrate one technique at a time. Even if all they do is practice and not make anything it would be fun for them. Let me know how it goes.