Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Packing To Return

 After what felt like forever, but, in fact was only 2 years I am packing to return to my school.  I have mentioned in passing that my school has been undergoing renovations. Turns out art has been moved to a new location on campus along with music. We will BE housed in a Fine Arts building! I will be getting a NEW kiln, tables, chairs, storage shelves, desk, AND updated technology. AND admin is getting everything I put on my wish list! Wish list included new artist posters, art career posters, clay boards, drawing manikins and stuff I don't remember! Hahaha, it will be like Christmas morning when I unpack!
In the mean time I'm packing my little heart out! I started a few months ago, so as not to be overwhelmed. But....... I forgot final grades were due today and ended up staying late. Sigh.....

So far I have packed what apparently amounts to 3 pallet loads according to my new plant manager.
I don't believe that I have much more to do-but I'm pretty sure I'm underestimating it! 

Anyway I read a really great article from the Art of Ed: 8 Helpful tips for packing up your entire art room.  Worth the read if you are packing for a move. I have already implemented #7 and have a box set up for the first week of school! Gonna do self portraits! First week AND again at the end of the school year. Read of several art teachers who do that and think it's an awesome idea.

Had my first give a way-AND the winner is Angel Holmes! 
Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

Want to show off this years masks. Directions here.

 One of which inspired one of my little kindergarten students to copy.
I have also started a face book page Primarily Art with Mrs. Depp I am hoping to write about little inspirational artsy things. Also, hopefully it will be a way to communicate with students and their families.

Thanks for reading!


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