Thursday, May 21, 2015

Crayon Non-Resist

If we have students color art with crayons and later paint over the art with watercolor paint, we call it a crayon resist. However, what if we have the students use the paint first and then color over the paint (when dry, of course) with crayons? Would that be a crayon non-resist?

Regardless of what we decide to call it, that's what I did when I introduced the art of 
Vincent Van Gogh to my little ones. First I read them this book:
Also, shared some of the art posters that I have of his work. Then I demonstrated and modeled my expectations for using watercolors. Originally I wanted my students to do sunflowers, then I decided after watching them paint-and how they were really getting into it-why put limits on them.


Painting flowers was also a good opportunity to expand our vocabulary!
 Such as subject, still life, texture, shadow..........
The following week when students returned to art I brought out the texture rubbing plates.
 (The photo above is from the Blick catalog because mine are all packed up.)

We reviewed what we learned the previous week about Vincent Van Gogh and how his art had sooo much texture and we needed to add some texture to our art. We also needed to sign our vases just like he did! Of course not everyone agreed with me......

This was not the first time I did a crayon non-resist. I did it several years ago with a focus on Georgia O'Keeffe's flowers. 

Something a little different! Something that was a lot of fun! 
Have you ever done a crayon non-resist with your students? 
Am I the only one to go about things, let's just say differently?

Thanks for reading!!

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