Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Paper Bouquet for Mother's Day

While subbing in art rooms during the early 1990's, I would take notes on the different art lessons that teachers did with their students. Not get into files or anything like that, mostly snoop through art books or look on shelves at what they were doing. That's how I came across this really great Mother's Day project. And I must say one of my favorite lessons! Materials list: Two 9"x12" pieces of green construction paper (also works well with 2 different shades of green paper), assorted scraps of colored paper, glue-your choice liquid or stick, stapler, scissors, yarn or ribbon, ruler and pencil.

 To get started fold both sheets of green paper together the long way (hotdog style). Line the side of the ruler up with the open edges of the paper and draw a line down the other side of the ruler. This will be referred to as the STOP line! You can have students draw this line with a RED crayon.
 Then with the 2 pieces of paper still together have students cut up from the folded edge to the STOP line. I instruct students to measure about 2 fingers wide for each cut or stem. You don't want these too skinny or too fat.  It seriously takes to long to have students measure it out and then cut.
 When that's done have students separate the 2 papers.
This next step is a little tricky, however, don't stress over it. Each of the green papers need to be glued. The trick is to glue with the edges about an inch apart. See photo. Using a glue stick is neater. Or tell students they need to hold it down, after gluing it for a count of 50.......
The next step is to take one of the folded papers, roll it to create a cylinder then staple it together. To get the stems to open out like the photo, roll with the glued edges towards the inside.
 Then wrap the second folded paper around the first, adjust to balance out the stems and staple.

 Now you have a bouquet of stems....time to make the flowers!!

 You can either cut out 2"squares of assorted construction paper for your students, or put out all the scraps of colored paper you have been saving this year! I demonstrate for students how to draw different flowers and how to cut out multiples. I also instruct them to use the scraps for the center of the flowers. Students like to add bees, butterflies and hearts. They can also make a little card to attach like you get from a floral shop.
Yarn or ribbon can be tied around the bottom of the flowers to finish the bouquet. 

There you have it! Something quick and simple for Mother's Day. Let me know if you try it!

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  1. I made these with my 4th graders for years, and I originally got the instructions from a book I found in my classroom when I got my job. I think the book was from the 60's! We did them pretty much the same as you, except we stapled everything - NO glue at all! We were always in a hurry to get them done. We got creative with them over the years and added butterflies and bugs and spirals and fringed flowers and bows and more. We usually used one green paper and either a different green or a totally different color for the second paper, and the flowers were a good chance to dig into the scrap box.

    1. Awesome! It wouldn't surprise me if it was the same book! Lol! I have on occasion stapled instead of glued-but the kids go nuts with the staplers. Really enjoyed reading your comment and finding out that you have done them!

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    1. That is some pretty cool stuff! Thanks.