Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fun With Shapes!

Shape is one of the Elements of Art we all teach! And I gotta say I like to have fun and do different activities with my students.

But first, we have a discussion and define what makes a square a square, a circle a circle, a triangle a triangle and a rectangle a rectangle.
Next, I past out a photograph to each student to place on the appropriate shape. The photos are ones that I have taken, had laminated and put magnets onto. For me, squares apparently were the hardest shape to find!

 We have a discussion on how everything has a shape. And that we really need to look at things to figure what shape it is and how that helps us in art. I have recently added 3D shapes and must say I'm amazed at how many of the little ones know about spheres, cylinders, pyramids and cubes!

Then, I past out shapes to students and have them match it up with things in the art room. This is the fun part as everyone is walking around the room finding shapes! Students start making connections.  This wonderful introduction into geometric shapes usually will take up one class session. 

When students return the following week, we do a quick review and I read either the book at the top of this post or this book-
Then a quick demonstration on how we can use shapes to create art.
Look! What can be done with a rectangle? Or a square? What can you make?
Students then choose a shape to work with to make art.

I use the sheet below and photocopy it onto colored copy paper. I separate the shapes and have children  pick which shape they wish to focus on.
In the past, I have had students create their own shape book. Which includes more shapes and takes several classes to complete. However, I found that if there are too many sessions for one project, there are always kids who miss some lessons, or just move in, and it's just hard for them to catch up.
Keep it simple the voice in my head tells me!

I feel the need to apologize for the lack of student work in this post.  The last time I did this lesson, writing a blog was the furthest thing from my mind! So, I didn't obsess on taking photos ALL THE TIME, like I do NOW! Hope this will still inspire you all!

I can't believe the end of the school year is in sight. I have been packing my little heart out as I will be returning to my newly renovated school in August! More on that another time!

Thanks for reading!! 
I would love to know the fun things you do to teach shapes to your students!

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