Monday, February 16, 2015

Turning Bottles Into Bobbleheads

This is probably one of my students' favorite projects! Because everyone loves bobbleheads! I have done this with my 3rd graders when I have enough donated bottles. And since that didn't happen last year I will be doing it with 3rd and 4th grade this year. And I decide to introduce it with a power point this year. Why? Because they will see photos of previously made bobbleheads to be inspired and they will see the process for attaching the top to the bottom. I need to learn to prep less, because in the past, I attached them for my students and that is just too time consuming.

Students that are finished with projects can prepare bottles by removing the labels.

I will use a utility knife  to cut off the bottom of the bottle which will become the head.

At this point the bottles are ready for students to paint. They may paint the inside or outside of the bottle with acrylic paint. They need to put their name on the inside of both pieces.  We let them dry and continue them when they return the following week.

The next step is to wrap a pipe cleaner  around your finger and use a hot glue gun to glue to one end to the mouth of the bottle. (You can use a stick to push down on the pipe cleaner.) The other end needs to be curled up tight and glued to inside of what used to be the bottom of the bottle, but is now the head. You may need to manipulate the pipe cleaner to get it to balance.
This is a great project in which to introduce "how to use" a hot glue gun. And what an adventure that is! I explain and name all the parts of the glue gun. Caution: the tip gets very hot. Once a glue stick goes in, it does NOT come out! It is a continuous feed. When you glue two pieces together, make sure the surface of each piece will connect. Don't put glue where it can't reach what you are attaching to it. It's so interesting to make rules based on what has gone on previously.

Students can detail out their bobbleheads with whatever you have available!

Just looking at the bobbleheads that were made a few years ago has me all excited to start them this week! Now, I need to put together that power point.........

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  1. Very cool! I'm always looking for more sculptural projects for kiddos!

  2. What bottles work for this project? They're so cute!

    1. Any of the coffee creamer bottles will work. I think so long as the mouth of the bottle is smaller than the bottom, it should look good. I've used a variety of the different creamer bottles. Enjoy!

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