Sunday, February 22, 2015

Art Room Signage

There are signs all over my art room. Many are the usual ones that you would expect to see.
(Got some free at conferences!)

However, there's a whole bunch of signs that I have made as reminders or disclaimers for my students.   They are either on the front board or posted above or below the board. 

"Let's spread our fingers out like the example on the board."

"Draw lightly so that you may erase mistakes. "                 " Use black last, to outline."

"Oh my, please be considerate of the supplies in the art room."
Yes, those are bite marks on the crayons............

Believe it or not, these signs are actually working! I haven't found a broken pencil point in the top of a glue bottle in a while! Also, haven't found any scissors in the garbage.

These signs are posted by my centers. I believe the photographs are important to help with clean up.

This sign is on the wall under my white board. I have often thought this would make a really good picture book to read to students at the beginning of the school year.

This is a new sign I made this year. I was inspired by a sign I saw on the website of Firehouse Publications check it out! It is on the bulletin board next to the white board.

And in response to: "Should I put my name on my paper?"
The answer: "Only if you want it back."

The signage does help as a reference for things that I have taught my students. And by having it up front, hopefully they are reading the signs over and over again when they zone out on me.

What signs do you have up in your art room?

Thanks for reading!!