Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fairy Doors: Street Art My Way

Art teachers take inspiration from just about anywhere! And I was VERY inspired after watching this video Family Street Art. The family had seen a Banksy video and the 10 year old daughter insisted that she wanted to become a street artist. Well, not wanting to discourage her they decided to create art that they could leave all over their community.  Not ONCE but THREE times. I thought this was awesome. I want to do SOMETHING like this................... but what???????

Well, while recently looking through a catalog I came across these fairy doors-
AND I KNEW!!! I would have my students make Fairy Doors and we would display them through out the school!
I started off the class by talking a little about street art and how it's different from graffiti. And that it's illegal to deface other people's property. Then I showed them the video about how this family created movable street art. I explained that we would be creating art that we could display all over our school community. I then googled fairy doors and showed them a variety of images.

I made 3 different shaped tracers and inspiration sheets. Inspiration sheets are for my students to look at and be inspired. They can switch out what they see, use the best of what they see or just create from their own imagination.

They used colored pencils, markers and ultra fine sharpies. Doors were done on 4" squares of different colored paper. We also went over the function of a door and what it needed to have on it.  And they created beautiful Fairy Doors!!

 I laminated them.  And then I went around the school with students to hang them up.

I made these with 3rd graders and sent out an email to alert staff. Had a lot of questions as to what it was all about. Didn't really think that out...... But, it's really simple. Did it make you smile? Did it inspire you? Did it start a conversation?

Students want to know about the doors. Do they open?  How did they get there? One teacher is telling her students to check with me, because, I am the fairy coordinator! I LOVE IT!! Next week when students come to art they will be drawing the fairies that live behind those doors! Oh yeah!!

I hope that this inspires those of you that are reading this. My students really got excited about doing this project and I have a feeling it will extend beyond my 3rd graders!! ENJOY!!

Thanks for reading!
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