Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back at 2014

In the last 12 hours I read 2 blogs What the Art Teacher Wore and Art is Basic from art teachers in which they looked back over the past year. Since I'm new to blogging I thought I would follow their lead and look back over the last year.

In February we had our county fair and we were encouraged to do still life with our students. They really enjoyed learning how to shadow. In addition to the school exhibit in which we are required to participate, we have a separate art exhibit to showcase other student art. AND that's the one that gives out RIBBONS!!! This year we received  a couple of honorable mentions!
March was the month in which I drove the entire school community crazy reminding them, daily, to vote for me at Thank a Million Teachers so that I could win a grant for iPads in my art room.
As you can see it WORKED!!! We actually had a presentation and I now have one of those SUPER BIG CHECKS! Thank a Million Teachers is funded by Farmers Insurance. You might want to consider talking to them about your insurance needs as they are doing really great things for educators.

 The National Art Educators conference was in March in San Diego. It was the third national conference I attended and the first time I presented at one.
At conference I was part of a teacher advisory committee for Faber-Castell (not sure how I got so lucky!) but they gave us free stuff! My students were extremely impressed with the quality of the materials. Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day! (actually singing this in my head...)
In April, I brought my 4th grade students to see their art displayed at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Tarpon Springs.  This was the first time many of my students ever visited an art museum. It gave me the opportunity to expand their knowledge on a variety of art related careers.
May is mask making month for our 5th grade students and they did an incredible job this year! I promise to blog about this in May 2015.
SUMMER VACATION this past year was filled with wonderful professional development opportunities as well as time to play! I played at a workshop given by the Florida Art Educators Association at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.
I also did a family vacation in DC for a week, sent them all home and stayed another 2 weeks on my own for 2 of the most incredible teacher institutes. The first one NAEA's  Summer Vision DC with Renee Sandell. This is where I had the opportunity to visit several different museums and learn how museum educators teach art using the art they have on display. The activities I learned were priceless and I promise to share them in the future!
The second week I was at The National Gallery of Art for their Summer Teacher Institute. I actually received a fellowship to attend which helped offset the cost of airfare and the hotel. The focus was on the French Impressionists and I learned so much, not so that my head would explode, but enough to feel like an intellect! It was just amazing how all the information about the artists and art movements came together and made so much sense. And they gave out a ton of free stuff, for me, to use with my students.
August was back to school and the really special thing to happen was that my daughter accepted a 7th grade math position at my school. We would work together this ONE year as my home school, that is being renovated, will be ready to go back to in 2015.
October was the conference for the Florida art educators where I had the opportunity to hang with Nancy Walkup, editor of School Arts magazine. She is the ONE person that has inspired me the MOST to attend conferences, professional workshops and to blog!
 Also, got to chat up our president of the FAEA, Karen Noble.
 And I met the Florida Teacher of the year, who happens to be an ART teacher, ChristieBassett.
Upon returning from that conference I started my blog! My goal is to inform and inspire other art teachers to do fun activities with their students while teaching art to them. Hopefully I am succeeding.

November was a crazy month which found me in Nashville for 2 separate weeks. The first week of the month was mostly spent at Vanderbuilt University Medical Center, where my son had open heart surgery. Long story, he is doing great and is back to work! And let's say after the sub that was in my room that week, I feel really appreciated! Then I was back up for Thanksgiving and enjoyed some fun family time.

December was our first concert/art show for the school year. Apparently didn't get around to taking any photos. It's still up and I guess I have a photo op to get back to. Also, starting to think about the exhibits for next year. Two more concert/art shows, the county fair, the museum and the district office display. AND I will need to start packing to return to my home school. It's all good!

Hope you all have a happy and healthy new year! And thanks for reading!


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    1. It was a great year! And it was great to meet you in Sarasota and see you again at the state conference. Are you going to New Orleans?

  2. Wow you did a lot this year! Awesome.

  3. Yes I did and believe me when I say I could have written more! Thanks for commenting.