Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scratch a Print?

 I bought this stuff, at least, 5 years ago with money from our School Advisory Committee.
It wasn't really cheap, so I kept thinking that I needed to come up with a fabulous lesson using this. After playing with it from time to time to figure out what to do with it, I kind of gave up on it.

Well, the elementary school I work in is being renovated. We pretty much found this out with less then 4 months of school left. That was in February, 2013. Had I gotten more notice I would have had a whole lot less to pack. Translation-I WOULD HAVE MADE EVERY EFFORT TO USE STUFF UP! So that I would have less to move. Okay, maybe not............
Anyway, the school will be ready for the next school year and I have REALLY made every effort to use things up (and give things away). She tried to say convincingly.......
Henceforth, I REALLY needed to use this stuff and NOT move IT back.

Needing a print project for 4th and 5th graders and a lesson I wanted to use involving logos, I thought let's use this scratch a print thingie! Students were shown a power point which focused on what a graphic artist does and the importance of using a logo to brand a product. They were given newsprint paper with directions to fold paper into four sections and come up with four different logos. Logos must contain letters and an image. You may brand yourself or a company you would like to have when you grow up. 

The frame was taped to their chosen design, they proceeded to scratch and voilá!

I set up printing stations with acrylic paint. Didn't have enough stations, so set up more with tempera paint. We found out the acrylic works better. And the results!

Interestingly, while in the middle of this project, we had The Great American Teach In. I asked if I could host someone. I was given a choice of a person making pizza, chocolate or soap. Surprisingly, to those who know me, I chose the soap maker (sigh). And WHAT an appropriate choice that turned out to be!
This company was started by an eleven year old girl who designed her own logo! Each bar of soap is like a work of art! You can check them out here: Flutter Fin Soaps. That's her mom who was there to help her out!  
Anyway, since I have yet to figure out how to add a gadget to my blog (I'm working on it) here's the link to my store at  Teachers Pay Teachers. Currently featuring a free list of suggested art centers.
Thanks for reading!


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