Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fairy Doors NEED Fairies!

The response at school to my Fairy Doors from last week has been amazing. Actually magical! Our younger students (k, 1st & 2nd) have been seeing the doors everywhere. Not sure that they are ONLY seeing the doors we put up.......... But it's all good!  Like I mentioned in my blog about the doors last week, I had not thought past making them and hanging them up. That is until people started to ask me about them. I'm gonna stick with: Did it make you smile? Did it start a conversation? Did it inspire creativity? Someone commented that it was a random act of art. All of which sounds good to me!!

Well, since it is the last few days before winter break........ And all the little ones have been inspired by Fairy Doors.......... I guess the next thing to do is to draw fairies!

This book was absolutely PERFECT for this lesson! All the students got what Alice was doing as she spoke about being a temporary fairy. I gathered students on the carpet and read them the book. Afterwards, I did a step by step drawing of a fairy for them, while modelling the use of shapes to draw figures. This poster was on the board and students had photocopies to work with at their tables.
Here they are drawing their fairies.

They added color with markers and colored pencils.

 I realize there is controversy over whether or not we should do guided drawing. I believe it is important to help students feel successful.  It also helps them to look more closely when producing their art.  And it's not like they still can't be creative!
 Bet you didn't know there are fairy aliens and fairy dogs!!

Students were encouraged to add doors. This lesson had students engaged, they were creative and a good time was had by all! I believe this is the start of a tradition!

What traditions have you started at your school?  Thanks for reading!

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