Saturday, June 3, 2017

Best Last Week Ever!

This year's last week of school was the BEST one I can ever remember having. I decided to go through my file cabinets and pull out leftover copies from lessons done in the past. I set up the copies around the room and explained what they had been used for and then I let students in grades 2-5 choose what they wanted to do. With kindergarten and 1st, we did the story The Big Orange Splot and they made the house of their dreams. I usually leave this lesson for substitute teachers. Click here for more substitute ideas.

These were left over from a 9/11 poster that I had a few children work on for a memorial service at a local park. Click here for Blog Post 

 I love Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and I did a paint project many years ago where students mixed brown and designed their own Potato Head. Read about it here.

 The Lion is our mascot and I love doing projects around him. Students copy famous art from postcards to fill in the shape of the lion. They also had the option of creating their own art.

Google has a annual contest called Doodle for Google. I never actually entered my students in it, but they seem to have a lot of fun playing and doodling with the Google logo. I just may need to consider entering them! The Lego Person is another lesson I leave for subs and is mentioned in the post with the Dream House.

I also mentioned to teachers that students could bring their electronics and fidget spinners. And I pulled out the iPads I have for the art room. I was able to purchase them through a grant. Read about it here

Turns out that I'm not the only art teacher that wants to make sure students are engaged during the last week of school check out the blog Managing the Art Classroom for a wonderful list of things to do the last week. And this one from Cassie Stephens.

Sorry I don't have more student work to show, but my goal was to keep students engaged and for me to start cleaning up the art room. They really did some cool stuff.......

Away another year down and my room is packed up and ready for the custodians to do their thing this summer.......

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time off!!!

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