Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sub Fun with Mondrian

After missing 15 weeks last year to my back surgery I tried really hard to have perfect attendance this year, not counting my attendance at conferences.  However, I've been suffering from some really bad allergies and was just too exhausted one day about 2 weeks ago and I left the following plans. I found this article in Arts and Activities Magazine titled Animals With a Mondrian Twist. Click here for the link to the article by Berniece Patterson.

I left some info for the substitute teacher to read over and share with my students. The article I left was from Scholastic Arts March 2005 issue. Sorry, I couldn't find a way to link it. I also left a poster.

This was such a cool project that I taught it to a class so I could take some action photos!

Years ago I took the book How to Draw 101 Animals apart and photocopied, then laminated the pages and put them in a basket as part of my drawing center.
This really came in handy for my students with this lesson. Click here to find on Amazon.

Check out the beautiful student work that was left for me!


This is a really easy lesson. It reinforces the primary colors as well as horizontal and vertical lines. It gives students some experience with a ruler and some history on the artist Piet Mondrian.

Tomorrow the countdown to the end of school is 4 weeks........ Looking forward to the break!

Thanks for Reading!

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