Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Torned Paper Bunny

So yesterday was picture day and that meant I really didn't want to do anything involving paint. That left me scrambling a little when it was time for 3rd grade to arrive.

I had recently come across this lesson in my files and thought it would be perfect! My theory when I devised this lesson years ago was to not have to prepare by pre-cutting each of the shapes they would need to cut out an animal. And to use only ONE piece of paper! I had done that previously with another lesson and that was just too much work. What's really cool is math is a part of this lesson

I believe the direction sheet gives a really good step by step visual for the students, however I did demonstrate it for them and had one of my students photograph me in the process.

We used copy paper because it's thinner and easier to rip. I folded it in half, and ripped it, one half will be the body.
I then folded and ripped the other half into 2 quarters. One quarter is the head.

 The last quarter gets folded and ripped into 2 eights and becomes the ears.

I put all the pieces onto the white board and proceeded to show students how to draw each of the bunny parts onto the copy paper.

I then demonstrated how to use my thumb and index finger on both hands to slowly/gently tear the paper. I passed out paper to my students and most had enough time to rip, glue and color their bunnies.  

Some, of course, ripped a little too much and ended up with more then one bunny!

All in all a very successful lesson and since it was a one day project, everyone was happy to be able to take it home with them.

Tails, can be made by crumbling the paper, ripping a circle or maybe finding some cotton balls.

While I don't generally get into holiday stuff, (okay maybe I do click here to see where I discuss the controversy over it) I'm at an elementary school and Easter is just around the corner. AND beside, tearing the paper gave the bunnies an awesome texture!

Thanks for Reading!

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