Sunday, April 23, 2017

Share Your Talent, Get Published!

For me, one of the most exciting events of the NAEA's Conference in New York City last month was meeting up with the people from Davis Publishing. They are the company that publishes School Arts Magazine. And since I have written some articles and Clip Cards for the magazine I was invited to an Author's Reception.
I was able to visit with my buddy, Nancy Walkup, Editor-in-Chief for School Arts. I have known Nancy since meeting her at a Teacher's Workshop that School Arts runs over the summer in Santa Fe. Read about it here. Nancy is responsible for getting me involved the NAEA and the FAEA and writing this blog! I will be forever grateful to her for inspiring me to be more involved.

I met the publisher of School Arts, Julian Wade. What a really nice guy! We talked for quite a bit. He is so passionate about his company and how important the Arts are for students.

Here is a photo of all the authors in attendance as well as the crew from Davis Publishing.

Now what does it take to share your talent? Let's start by looking at my two most recent clip cards that were published.
Rainbow Fish was published in the January 2017 issue. And Textured Flowers was published in the April 2017 issue.
 Let's look at each section.
The Title of the Clip Card: I use the title I give the lesson when writing lesson plans.

The Essential Question: Basically it's what relates to your standards and what you are teaching. And most of us are already writing them.

Objectives: What your learning goal is for the students. Pretty much the "I can" statement.

Materials: Back in the day when I started writing lesson plans I always wrote a list of what I would need to do the lesson. Just start doing it in your head and think of the different steps and what you would need. Which leads us to.......

Procedures: Which is where you write down those steps! Keep it simple 5-7 steps. You know you can do this, because you have had to write sub plans with step by step directions.

Assessment: How did you assess your students when they finished? Sum it up in one sentence.

Really Important! As you are going around the room assessing student work, take photos to submit with your soon to be published Clip Card....... Okay, it doesn't happen overnight, but I did find out that Clip Cards are the most popular section of the magazine. Oh, and did I mention you get paid for writing them?

So next time you go through your lesson plans, think about what you can share. Clip Cards are written for the following categories: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Click here for the link to guidelines and submission info.

I hope to be reading one of your Clip Cards or Articles in School Arts Magazine real soon!!

I know I've been gathering up photos of student work to write up some Clip Cards this summer. It really is this easy!

Thanks for Reading!!!

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