Thursday, May 4, 2017

Adire Eleko Cloth

So I'm on a roll! I found another sweet project that can be left for a sub or used as a one day project. I found in it this book. Click here to find it on Amazon. This book by Denise Logan is filled with fabulous projects for children!

The project I picked  is titled Adire Eleko Cloth with Senufo Mud Cloth Animals.

I gave students a little background information about the history of this African Art.

They used a blue marker and a white oil pastel.

I did do a simple resist with the white pastel and watered down blue tempera to help make the connection. Then I totally disappointed them because they would be doing a short cut version with blue paper.  However, I'm thinking I'll do it with fabric and turn it into a sewing project next year......

The author included a page of pattern ideas that I photocopied and gave out for reference.
There was also an animal insert that is done on white paper with blue marker that gets glued on top, in the middle of the paper.  Totally forgot about it......

Basically, I gave some background, did a quick demo of resist. Showed them we were taking a short cut and starting out with blue paper. We could use the patterned ideas or create our own and they could only use blue marker and white oil pastel. I have tried this with white crayon & colored pencils and the oil pastel works the best.

We are near the end of the school year and some students needed to finish up other projects and some students that were done needed to start something new. I did this with 2nd grade this week and may do a different grade level next week. With just 3 weeks left and one week wasted with End of Course Exams there isn't much time left.......

Thanks for Reading!!

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