Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Two Years Ago Today....

Pretty happy that today marks two years since I started my blog. Read my first year reflections here. Really happy that I was a Rising Start finalist in The Art of Ed blog contest! Which means I got to put this on my blog.

Totally impressed that MY Craftsmanship poster has made the rounds on Facebook and Pinterest.

 My poster:
Some of the others I've seen:

Was flattered that I was asked to adapt one of my posts for my state art magazine.
View it here.  Read the original article here.

Got some clip cards published in School Arts Magazine. Read about it here.

Have made some awesome connections and put my art out there. I did 3 illustrations:

For this coloring book. Click here to purchase.

Had over 50,000 page views. Got a small bunch of followers. All in all happy to be blogging.

Gotta go and get ready, because tomorrow I leave for my state conference! I'm sure I'll have lots to share as I signed up for 10, yes TEN workshops! Can't wait!

AND Thanks so much for reading and all the great feedback!!
Here's to another year of sharing with you fine folks out there!

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