Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 FAEA Conference Overview

Gonna blog an overview of what I was up to at conference this past weekend. Currently playing catch up with my sleep, laundry and other things (video games count as other things, right?). Definitely plan to go into more detail in the next few posts!  Promise!

Calder's Circus: Learned some interesting things about Calder and got some great tips on how to play with wire and how to teach it to my students. Didn't have a chance to finish, had some trouble with the heavy gauge of the wire.

Playtime with Gelli Pads: OMG who knew you could just keep printing layer over layer until you LOVED the result? And look at how pretty the stencil turned out!

 Royal & Langnickel Brush: Gave out a nice assortment of goodies and I learned quite a lot about different brushes and how to take better care of them.

Crayon Mosaics: Didn't have time to finish. Also happy I haven't changed out the old crayons yet from last year! Lol!

Journal Junkie Workshop: Loved this exercise using shapes and symbols.

Inkless Tesselation Prints: This was tricky and I got frustrated with it. Other people at my table did great. More about that down the road.

African Ndebele Doll: Loved this, had to leave a little early to facilitate the next class and didn't finish it. But I have plans for it........

Cool Cotton Yarn Sculpture: This was fun, the balloon dog when finished will be yarn shapes glued together.

 Ugly Doll Soft Sculpture: I got so involved in this I didn't take a lot of photos. However I did finish on time!

Only one of my workshops got cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew. So all in all a great conference!

And I did leave time to visit vendors and made this by painting with sand over at Blick.

Tried out this incredible tray of tempera paint and HAD to BUY it! Jack Richeson & Co.

And I spend money on this stuff. Love that book: Draw, Paint, Print Like the Great Artists, in the photo.

And what's the point of a conference if you don't get a NEW shirt!

Got a lot of free samples, still sorting them out for treasure chest at school. I give a lot of the freebies to my students, in the hopes of creating future consumers of those products.

I've got some plans to submit proposals for next year, thanks in part to discussions at the elementary division meeting. Excited!!! Very Excited!!! And tired.........

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing your success and great work with all of us. Heathrow Terminal 1 Parking

  2. Hi there, I teach art in Maine to the little ones, PreK - 2. I am interested in the directions for the ugly doll, would it be too difficult for 2nd graders ? Can you share the paperwork, lesson ? Also just ordered the book,Draw, paint, Print like the great artists.

    1. Check out my post on Sunday, October 23. I included the directions for the ugly doll. I do think it might be tough for 2nd graders, maybe you can get some volunteers to help you.

  3. Hi Sheryl! Nice job on your blog. I can't wait to explore it more.