Sunday, August 2, 2015

Off to See The Wizard....

If I have not made in clear in the past, I shall make it very clear now! I LOVE MUSEUMS!!!
I love walking around, taking my time, reading wall text AND learning amazing things. It is just SO inspiring to ME! Really gets my brain fired up to do fun things.

In addition to loving museums, I am rather partial to The Wizard of Oz. It was the very first show that I directed for my community theater. And yes, that is my husband in the back row, he played the wizard. Besides directing, I made costumes (Dorothy and the trees) and did set design.

Soooooo when the opportunity presented itself to go to a museum AND there was a Wizard of Oz exhibit on display.............. I was pretty excited!!!! Now since this exhibit is at a children's museum, you MUST have a child with you to get in. And thankfully I knew just who to take! Okay, the reality of this situation was my daughter told me about it and drove me, along with her 2 children, my grandchildren to see it. The display is in Tampa at the Glazer Children's Museum.

Above are some of the photos that I took, but if you really want to see it all check it out here.
You may want to check out the schedule of future tour dates that I also found on the Curiosity Corner blog along with all the awesome photos!!

Some of you might be doing some head scratching about now as to what this has to do with teaching art. But I see so many, many ways to use what I saw there that day. Either with The Wizard of Oz or another favorite children's book. How amazing would it be to use a book as an interactive exhibit to inspire learning in art? How about if the older students work together to create some exciting centers for the younger students? Students could design games, signs or posters, costumes, puppets, prizes or merchandise for the book OR write a book together and develop an exhibit for it. WOW!!!

Just how many future art careers are we exploring with this concept??? WOW again!

What children's book would you use or like to see as an interactive exhibit? Please leave a comment and please consider following me!

Thanks for reading!!!

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