Sunday, August 9, 2015

Home at Last!!

 Those of you reading this blog on a regular basis probably know I have been located for the last 2 years in a middle school down the road, from my elementary school, waiting for MY school to be renovated. AND for all of us to move back. The moment has finally arrived.....drum roll please!
 I walked into my BRAND NEW room, in a BRAND NEW location on campus over a week ago. VERY EXCITED to see NEW tables & NEW chairs, everything bright and shiny!
Containing ALL those boxes I packed up, starting last March and finishing after all the students were gone in June. WOW!!!

It didn't take as long as I would have thought to unpack. I think that was because I decided to open a few boxes and set them up near where I was planning to put things.

So how and where and why do things go where they go? Great question. I figured that out my first year there. I needed a place to gather up students, a place to store art work and room at the sink for all the messy stuff.
 In the first picture you can see the yellow chair I sat in and the carpet the students sat on. The blue cabinet held what was necessary for me to teach the lesson. The second picture is how I stored art work. The boxes are from cases of water purchased at Sam's club. (A very long time ago.)
By the sink are paint trays and brushes and containers for water. This worked out pretty well, so when we were relocated temporary, I configured the room out the same way.
 Since the science counter was in the way, I worked off the little table in the middle. Students gathered on the colorful floor mats. Storage was a little tighter, so I put art work into tote trays by my desk. Below by the sink, are the paint trays and everything else messy.
So in my new room again I have my teaching area, art work will be stored on my new shelves. I plan to use the colorful bins (thank you for class sketchbooks.

Here's the room from all 4 sides.
 Standing at the entrance to the room.
 The wall with the entrance door.
 Back by the sink.
Wall opposite the entrance. Below is my storage room and kiln room.
Okay, not completely unpacked.......... 

I want to label the cabinets for everyone to find things easier. So I took photos of stuff and will stick them onto the doors.

Not allowed to hang stuff from the ceilings, so the cool plastic crayons are gone. I feel that I still need to personalize the space, especially after seeing all the art teachers posting photos of their rooms recently. It WILL HAPPEN! Eventually..............

If you are an art teacher in FLORIDA and are planning to go to the conference in Naples in October, you can register for it starting tomorrow. I will be doing a mini studio titled: Look! Listen! And Learn! on Thursday at 8:45 am. It will be about learning to use museum activities in your art room.

And on Friday at 11:45 I will be presenting Born to Blog about how to start your own blog.

I do believe both will work with all grade levels! Hope to meet some of you there!!

Thanks for reading!!

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