Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Year's Theme: HATS!

I have mentioned in past blogs that I am involved with community theater. Last night was our awards dinner, which I attended with my husband. He was nominated for 2 awards, very stiff competition and unfortunately he didn't bring any home. (He did win one last year!)

We still had a great evening out with friends. Anyway the theme (and we always have one) was Ascots and Gavottes. Translation: wear a hat and dance! We were to wear seriously crazy hats, like the women who attend the Ascot Races in England. Here are some photos I pulled off the internet.
 One show I worked on this past season was Moonlight and Magnolias. Where I had fun making fake banana peels that I threw all over the stage as the stage manager. Soooo I thought that my hat should reflect that theme, especially since I would be sitting with most of the cast and crew from that production. That should explain the photo at the top of this post.

I thought there might be some of you out there that would like to know how I made it.
Started out with some sketches. Did some research on the internet. Had some foam in the closet, which I used to cut out the moon shape.  Went to the fabric store, not quite sure what material I wanted for the moon until I saw the shiny crepe lamé silver fabric. Picked up buckram for the base and glitter tulle for the netting. Total cost was under $20.
 I traced the foam moon onto the buckram and cut 2 pieces to sandwich the foam. Then I used the buckram moon shape as a pattern for the silver lamé, I added seam allowance as I cut out 2 pieces. I sewed them with right sides together.
 Since the moon is a non-stop curve, I had to do little cuts along the seam allowance to have a smoother look after it was turned right side out. Then I stuffed the foam and buckram into the silver fabric.
Next was the base. I cut out two 5" circles from the buckram, made a slit, and overlapped the ends to turn it into a cap. Covered it with the silver lamé.
The magnolias were provided by my friend, the director of the show. Once everything for the hat was ready, I sewed it all together by hand. Tulle to top of base. Moon to the base. Flowers in front of the moon and more tulle and a big bow on the back.
Last was the headband on the bottom to hold the hat onto my head. I choose a headband that would blend well with my hair.  And there you have it: My Moonlight and Magnolia Hat!!
Oh and of course, being an art teacher I had the most outrageous hat there!

This was actually the third hat that I have made. My husband and I have done some steam punking and I have made hats to match my outfits. Recollections, which is where I bought the outfit below included a fabric swatch that I was able to incorporate into the hat.

With both of the hats, I used a girl-sized straw bonnet from the dollar store as my base.

It's so much fun to get the chance to do something a little different for a change.
And I just LOVE my moon hat! I can't wait for Crazy Hat Day at school!

Thanks for Reading! And share a crazy hat photo if you have one!

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