Sunday, July 19, 2015

AOE Online Summer Conference

 Last Thursday, I spent the day in my nightgown, attending an art conference, online in my sewing/art room. I enjoyed the flexibility and the comfort in which I could do this. I even got an AWESOME swag box in the mail.
The conference was given by the Art of Education (AOE). If you have not heard of this incredible website you need to check it out.  Behind this brilliant idea is Jessica Balsley, an art teacher who realized that there JUST wasn't enough professional development available. Sooooo Jessica created some. What started out as a blog, turned into a site filled with lesson plans, articles, online classes AND the Summer Conference I attended last week. Positively BRILLIANT!

The AOE team, headed by Jessica has attended the NAEA (National Art Educators Association) conferences. This photo was taken of me with Jessica at NOLA (New Orleans, site of the 2015 NAEA conference) this past March.
At the same time they also hosted a gathering for blogging art teachers.  It was a SUPER opportunity to hobnob with the writers of several blogs that I follow. LOTS of FUN!
Not sure how I originally found out about The Art of Ed. I think I was on Google looking for some inspiration for an art lesson. I loved what I saw and signed up for info.

They have been doing two conferences a year and the first one I attended was in the winter of 2014. I felt the connection was spotty and since you receive an after pass, good for 6 months, to view the presentations I decided go back and do that. The 2014 Summer Conference I did at my leisure, with the after pass, as I was out of town at the time. After pass again for the 2015 Winter Conference because I was tied up with something.

Last Thursday I decided to do the 2015 Summer Conference at the time it was being broadcast. AND I'm glad I did! I don't know if it was my new laptop or the AOE upped their resolution but it played out beautifully. And I enjoyed it immensely!
When you initially look at the schedule you think, okay which presentations do I want to see? Then you say to yourself OH NO there are conflicts I WANT TO DO ALL OF THEM!! Well, the GOOD NEWS is that you can view EACH and EVERY ONE of them! The schedule is actually the order in which each presentation is given. They each run about 8-12 minutes and are focused and informative. You also have access to handouts and the opportunity to ask questions and chat with others during the broadcast. AWESOME, right?

It was very relevant to those of us that teach art, as they had presenters from elementary to high school. And you could learn something from everyone.

There were 19 presentations with an after pass that included 5 more. I plan to just highlight a few of them or I'd have a really long post!!!

One that I was really looking forward to was Nic Hahn's Artist Trading Cards or ATC.  Mrs. Hahn has the blog Mini Matisse and this link will take you to a short video on teaching students what QUALITY art is using  ATCs.  I loved it and couldn't wait to see her presentation.
Had fun meeting Mrs. Hahn at NOLA!

Another presentation: How to Teach Restoration at School by Miriam Pateemoster was really, really interesting. (Clicking on her name will bring you to her blog.) I believe teaching restoration is or will be part of our art curriculum. I was fascinated with how much info was presented. And how important restoration is.

There was a presentation on team work with Ian Sands and Melissa Purtee. The part I liked was how to decide on something as a team. Apparently each person is assigned energies or votes. So let's say you have 3 different suggestions to decide on and you get 5 votes. Suggestion 1 may get 2 of your votes, suggestion 2 may get none of your votes and suggestion 3 may get 3 of your votes. Everyone's votes get added up and suggestions get eliminated until you have something the whole team agrees with. Pretty clever!

Julie Davis from Dick Blick (click on their name to link to their videos) always demos a great project and the swag box always contains the goodies to make it. Also met Julie at NOLA. I was a busy girl!

I enjoyed Laura Lohman's presentation on using different strategies to make some crazy/good painted paper. Cassie Stephens presented on School Wide Collaborations-Those ideas just knocked my socks OFF! LOVED them!

There were presentations on classroom management and managing the clutter! Using a kiln and not blowing anything up, using air dry clay because there is NO kiln! (Imagine that?) Making a rubric, getting art out in the community and much, much MORE!! Mind blowing!!!

Cost for this conference???? Early Bird registration got you the conference for $89 and guaranteed you a swag box. After a certain date it was $109 and maybe swag boxes were left. Day of event $125 and no way was there any swag to be had.  There were around 1900 people signed up and 1500ish boxes sent out. And this box was filled with incredible stuff-best one yet!

SOOOO get on their mailing list, learn a bunch of great stuff by reading their articles and checking out their lesson plans AND be READY to sign up for their next conference!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing about the conference, Sheryl - I am so thrilled you had a positive experience, and you have so many fun connections with many of the presenters! Hope to see you soon.