Sunday, July 5, 2015

Growing Ideas

Every teacher is different. Every teacher teaches differently. I'm not here to advocate one way or another. I have wanted to teach art since I was a little girl. My dream has come true and I have been teaching art for over 12 years in the same district.  I want art to make a difference in the life of each of my students. Becoming a member, attending and presenting at conferences in both my state and national art educator associations helps me to continue to learn and grow. Having the opportunity to attend summer institutes all over the country renews and encourages further growth.

Last month's journey to Pennsylvania and The Summer Institute on Contemporary Art (SICA), has planted some very interesting ideas currently growing in my head. One of which is the difference between Play Art vs. School Art.  You can find some info here.

I have done some research on teaching Play Based Art. And I find the concepts behind it pretty important for encouraging children to be more original and create more independently.

 The last activity I did for SICA was to:

I choose to explore the relationship between Play and School Art.  The two are complete opposites and I see them something like this:

For my assignment, on the left I have represented Play Art where the child was encouraged to explore and create art, based on ideas that were happening in their head, extremely original. On the right, I have represented School Art as the cookie cutter concept in an elementary art room. AND yes, sometimes that IS my art room.  Interesting? Right? So where does this leave me? I will seek to find a balance.......

Meanwhile, this is on the back of my project because we needed to title it and write an artist's statement.
I am looking forward to the new school year, in a new art room, in my newly renovated school.

Like I stated in my project-Time to change the game and PLAY!

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