Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sense of Accomplishment

I have a great sense of accomplishment as far as how my summer vacation was spent.
It was important to me to work on becoming stronger (my back surgery was over 2 years ago and I don't want to use a cane anymore). I decided yoga was the answer. The change it has made has been worth every penny. The aerial sling is used to help me balance and get a deeper stretch.

Cleaning out my house was another accomplishment that was a long overdue. It's actually a new craze called Swedish Death cleaning. Which boils down to- get rid of your clutter because your children really don't want your stuff.  Soooo basically I cleaned out, donate, sold and dumped lots of STUFF!

We also put in new carpets and tile. That was a big job to empty out my sewing/craft room. But it looks great! And, yes that is a pencil dress hanging up on the door. A friend of mine grabbed it when another friend was giving some clothes away. SCORE!

Visited a few museums over the summer for some incredible inspiration. The Clyde Butcher: Visions of Dali's Spain was amazing. There was a slide presentation that had Dali's art on one side and a photo of what inspired the art on the other side. This would be a great lesson on surrealism. I'm planning on having students use photographs from old books or magazines and add their own art to it, making surreal images.

Also went up to Ocala to The Appleton Museum of Art. I actually won 2nd place in their cellphone photography contest.
 My prize was a 1 year membership, a really fun photography book and a museum quality canvas of my photo.

In June I attended a FAEA summer workshop that had an Asian theme.
 BTW Florida peeps conference registration starts Monday, August 6th AND Cassie Stephens will be one of our keynote speakers! I will be doing 2 workshops. Puppet Making and Hat Making!

And what's a summer without doing a prop for my favorite community theater? I made Milky White for an upcoming production of Into the Woods. Then I decided to do a little photo session with her.....
I did a presentation for docents at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. It focused on how to engage students in activities in an art museum.

I also had training on Trauma Informed Care, a program which we will be bringing to our students. This was eye opening and hopefully something that will benefit everyone!

Did some reading and lots of binge watching on Netflixs, Hulu and Amazon......

In less then 10 hours I'm back to work for teacher's planning week and students will be back on the 13th. I feel pretty good on all the countless chores I brought up to date around the house and hope to continue to stay organized and clutter free.....

Now it's time to turn my brain back on and plan for some lessons. I'm going to focus on lines. k-2nd will do paper lines and 3rd-5th will do lines with wire and air dry clay. Rules will be a super quick review with 2nd-5th. Should be interesting....

With all I accomplished this summer, I just couldn't get myself to sit still in front of my computer to blog. I'm really sorry about that, there were many fun activities I did at the end of the school year to share. And I will as I get into the whole back to school/work groove!

Thanks for Reading!!

I would love to hear how your summer is going!

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