Monday, May 28, 2018

Fun With Collages

 I'm not a big fan of collages. But I am totally into recycling. And besides there might even be a question on the End of Course exam about collages........

So I decided it would be fun and there are ways that I could incorporate it into future art lessons.
It could be the start of teaching about storyboards for interior or fashion design. Scrap booking is still big and that's fun of lots for people. I also think it's good for teaching composition. My recycle bin at home was packed with some catalogs that would work really well and I had a stack of cardboard from one of my PTO moms.

The first week I read the book Trash! Trash! Trash! (Sorry, couldn't find it on Amazon. Any book on recycling would work.) I cut the catalogs in half down the middle and removed the staples. Then I spread them across the tables for the students to go through them. Students could chose 10-12 pictures from the catalogs pages to put in their art folders for the following week.I suggested they come up with a theme for their collages.

 The second week students covered their cardboard with construction paper and placed their pictures down. The third week they added assorted stickers, foam pieces, buttons, puzzle pieces and other interesting doodads. In hindsight it didn't need to be 3 weeks. 1 or  2 could work depending upon your supplies.

Students were able to add words to their collages with these labels. I received boxes of unused labels from a student's grandfather. They could use either side, however I showed them how to write backwards to create raised letters.

 I did these collages with my kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.

Soooooo had a bunch of these inserts from laptop boxes taking up space and decided to use them to make assemblages with older students. Did this with the 4th graders as they had seen an assemblage during their museum trip. Then as the last few days of school were upon us-I used them with 3th and 5th until they were GONE!

Also had a bunch of assorted doodads for students to use. I put out scissors, glue sticks and white liquid glue. It was a one day "make it and take it" as I don't have the room store them.

 My sample:
 Student work:

Collages are a great end of year activity. I am going to do a better job saving scrap paper in anticipation of doing it again at the end of next year.

Friday was my last day with students and the next 2 days I will be cleaning up my art room.

There were quite  a few fun activities I did last week that I will share over the summer. Also if you are a Florida art teacher and are willing to travel to Sarasota or Palm Beach there are some interesting workshops being given by the FAEA. Click here for more info. You don't need to be a member to participate, however it will cost less if you are a member.

Thanks for Reading and Enjoy your summer!

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