Sunday, October 29, 2017

Radial Symmetry

I did this kaleidoscope lesson years ago and it didn't go the way I wanted it to. I decided to do it again because it works so well with radial symmetry. I even have a class set of kaleidoscopes for my students to look through.
Only this time I changed it out a bit and stressed certain factors that needed to be in place. I also started the lesson by having the students do a mandala which I blogged about here.

This was done with my 4th grade students  on 12" square white drawing paper with markers.
I modeled for my students by tracing a wedge shape on a planning sheet (the wedge was 1/6 of the circle). I explained we would use letters on the wedge, either a name, initials or a word. The top and bottom of the letters need to touch the edges of the wedge. I believe this was part of what made it successful along with the fact that the circle was divided into only 6 equal parts.

 After they settled on what they decided to use for the wedge, they copied it onto tracing paper and transferred it to the circle they traced out on the paper.

They traced, flipped, traced, flipped until the circle was filled in.

I think they came out GREAT!!

My 4th graders have an exhibit in a local museum every year, this just might be the project I display!!

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