Sunday, August 27, 2017

Back to School!

Just finished up my second week back with students, the start of my 17th year of teaching full time.  Many teachers on Facebook have posted a recap of their teaching career- I decided there were too many schools to count if I include the split schools, part time assignments and subjects other then art!

So what did I do to start off the new school year, you ask?
I did this assessment with my kindergarten students. It took 2 class sessions. I found this assessment along with directions on the Art of Ed website. I wanted to link the resource, but couldn't find it. The directions, as I remember them, are given verbally and students can complete the assessment in one class. Update! I found the link!!! Click HERE!
I stretched it out over 2 class sessions because- I don't want to feel rushed and I also want some time for a "Welcome to art, along with the rules" spiel.  On their first day of Art I read them the book Art Today by Jane Wolfgang.
After hearing the story we talked about the shapes and how we can color them in to create a person.

The next class I read Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre. I modeled how to use a glue stick (I'll use liquid glue, when I'm feeling brave....) and how to safely use a scissor. Then I walk around the room and see how the little ones are doing with their assignment. Many of them need help learning how to hold the scissor and cutting with it.

Some are absolutely amazing .......

And some take quite a creative spin......

For 1st and 2nd I decided to read the book Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly & James Dean. The glasses were a free download from Art is Basic at Teachers pay Teachers. Instead of tying it into what students did over the summer, I tied it into looking forward to a new school year.

3rd, 4th and 5th learned about 9/11 and they did art for the posters I send over to the Park to commemorate the event. Click here for a post from 2 years ago, and here for last year's post.

I did a step by step sheet for students who wished to earn how to draw their own hand. I found those directions here.
I will have these displayed at the park on 9/11- Update: Actually due to Hurricane Irma, there will be no display as the event has been cancelled.

I don't have a lot of counter space to hold the supplies that I switch out daily for the different grades that I see..... So I use a cart. I decided to make the cart student friendly and label where the supplies belong so that I have help setting up for the next class. It is really easy to wheel between the tables and switch everything out quickly, especially with the students that love to help!

All of last school year as I would head to the Fine Arts building I would look at this plain white septic thingy and think it needed some Lego eyes..... Only took admin 2 days to notice AND there's another one around the corner that I will do next..... Something to make us all smile!
(I used vinyl scraps from my friend's who has a Cricut machine)

I hope everyone has a GREAT new school year filled with creativity!
Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Hey, cool! I love it when I see how people use my downloads. Those turned out great! I also love the peace sign hands! Have a good year.