Sunday, September 10, 2017

Inspiration: The Art of the Brick

Sooooo, I'm home blogging as all hell is breaking loose (lots of rain & some wind) in the form of Hurricane Irma. While I live an hour north of Tampa I am in a NO flood, NON evacuation zone. I am hunkered down with my husband and 3 dogs in a concrete block home and should be good. School was closed on Friday to open up shelters and as of now it will be closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Soooo, instead of what I have done in my art room check out the fun exhibit I took my grandson to titled The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya and presented by The Vinik Family Foundation. Thanks to Jeff and Penny Vinek the exhibit was FREE!
And it was amazing, one room after another filled with inspiration. In the words of the artist Nathan Sawaya, "Undeniable, art is not an option."

Check it out!

The entire exhibit was on display as a mini exhibit! How incredible is that?
There's even a brick vocabulary.......

And to think it all starts with just one brick!!

Absolutely amazing!

My grandson told my daughter, "Nana took lots of photos." And boy did I! I did share them with his 2nd grade class and a 5th grade that came afterwards. They were in AWE! I plan to put together a mini slide show and to share with my other art classes. This would have made a great field trip, just not enough time to pull it all together. So students will have a virtual experience instead!

I do regret not seeing it earlier in the summer and getting the word out there. It closed on Labor Day. I did find a video on you tube which really highlights the whole exhibit, click HERE to see it.

Florida peeps-STAY SAFE! It's time for me to do some hurricane snacking.........

Also before I forget, I updated my last blog post. You might want to check it out. 
Thanks for Reading!

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