Monday, June 6, 2016

Creating Cheap Centerpieces

The Music teacher is retiring after teaching 39 years. 4 of those years with us. The Specials team did a little celebration for him after school one day last week. We bought a cake and I thought it would be fun to make some centerpieces for the tables. I really had NO budget for this, but hey, I'm an art teacher and a hoarder I can do this! 

Here's my inspiration piece that I found on Pinterest.

And here's how I did it!
I gathered up boxes, styrofoam, skewers, mylar balloons, glue dots, tape, black paint and I purchased cut out musical notes and ribbon with musical notes. 

 I painted the skewers black to blend in with the notes. I put the paint onto the foam and rubbed the stick until it was covered with paint.

I cut the sheet of styrofoam to fit inside the boxes. I actually have a styrofoam cutter at school, but of course I was at home.
Cutting styrofoam is messy, I used tape to clean up all the crumbs. 

The styrofoam was glued into the boxes. This was done so that when I put the skewer in with the musical note it would have a way to stand up.

I had some mylar balloons, which when you cut them open the inside is silver. I used them to cover the boxes.
I used hot glue to attach the musical notes to the skewers. And carefully poked a hole at the top of the box.
 I had some leftover glue dots that I used for attaching the ribbon.

And there you have it! My finished centerpieces! Now you are probably thinking it is a far cry from the inspiration piece, however it cost me less them $1.50 each and I rather like the simplicity of it.

There's only a few days left of school and I get to return from medical leave on the last day to pack up the room. I've been out so long I feel like I just want to start the new school year! Oh well.........

Thanks for reading and enjoy the summer!

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