Sunday, June 26, 2016

Roll a Miró

I was able to return from medical leave the last student contact day of school. So in looking for something that would be fun and easy I came across this online. Here is the link: Once Upon an Art Room. Now the author of the blog, Chani, freely admits to not being able to find the original source for this and neither could I.
I was able to pair this game up with a poster of People and Dog in the Sun by Joan Miró.
I actually started off a discussion about the poster before telling students the title of it and was surprised how many children picked up on seeing a dog. Our discussion included the Elements of Art and because of the background texture students were given both markers and crayons to use.

Then I shared the following book with my classes. Click here for buying info. I actually found my copy on sale at a museum store in DC and was thrilled to tie it into a lesson.

I did this with all grade levels k-5.

Here are some examples of student work.

This would be an excellent lesson to leave for a substitute! It is also art cart friendly. But, I also wanted this to be kid friendly so I explained to my students that I was very flexible on how they used the directions. If they wanted to do it by themselves that was fine. If they didn't want to roll the dice and just wanted to pick their favorite shape that was fine. But no one was allowed to say "I don't know where to start".  Because all they had to do was roll the die.

Oh and as I read the above book to students, I noticed on the back the author also has written Draw with Pablo Picasso, click here for buying info. I ordered my book last week.

For another great sub lesson involving dice click here.

I was out on medical leave for 15 weeks. I still have healing to do and I don't always feel great. But I will say that sitting in my chair sharing an art lesson with my students just felt so perfect. Like I was exactly where I should be, doing what I love to do. I can hardly wait for fall! And since I'm staying home to heal this summer I have been busy planning! I hope to have some spectacular lessons to present to students and to share on my blog!

Thanks for reading!

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