Sunday, September 16, 2018

Turning Shapes into Art

 I was able to get several packages of these stencils at the end of last school year and could not wait to use them this year! They are incredible and quite durable. I love the different size options available with each shape.
Read students the book When a Line Bends A Shape Begins to inspire their lesson on using shapes to make art. I knew we wouldn't have time to create with shapes and also do a crayon resist......

 So the following week I read them The Strawberry Book of Shapes and it has some funny laugh out loud lines in it! Both books are available on Amazon, just click on the title to get there.

Students in kindergarten and first grade did a great job making some really sweet art. I enjoyed seeing some of the abstract art made with the shapes as well as the houses, flowers, people and pumpkins.

Thanks for Reading!

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