Monday, March 12, 2018

Bunny Time!

 It's kind of crazy the week right before any school break. No one wants to start a new project (I'm talking about us teachers!) So I decided I needed an "Early Finisher Activity."  And since we will be on spring break after this week I decided little bunny puppets would be perfect!

My bunny worksheet. Click here for your copy. Or go to my Resource Page. 
You may need to enlarge it slightly when you make copies.


The area in which students could grab supplies.

 Students hard at work!

Basic directions
1- Draw your bunny doing something fun in the box.
2- Color your bunny with colored pencils or crayons.
3- Outline pencil lines with pen.
4- Carefully cut out box and around the ears.
5- Wrap your bunny around a TP roll and use label to tape it on.

The beautiful results!
 Done with my kindergarten and first grades.
If you choose to do it with the whole class, read them a cute Easter or bunny book!

Enjoy your Spring Break!
I'll be in Seattle for the NAEA conference, please say hello!

Thanks for Reading!

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